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Nature’s Top 5 Super Foods

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You will always hear about the power of nature food and the impact it can have on someone’s life. Recent trends of healthy eating have sparked a need for at least 5 fruit or veg a day. If you are someone who is keen on healthy eating super foods can provide you with that little bit extra when it comes to having your five a day.

Super foods are calorie sparse and nutrient dense meaning they contain a lot of ‘goodness’ for their weight compared to other fruit and vegetables. Super foods have a high source of essential nutrients and anti-oxidants, these we need but cannot make ourselves.  Take a look at 5 of the top natural super foods that can help you kick start your diet or help you maintain a well balance lifestyle:

Hopefully you will have found the post useful and you are now thinking of ways to get these super foods in to your diet. There are thousands of great recipes online which don’t cost an arm and a leg to create; it can be easier than you think including super foods into your lifestyle.  It is important to not just eat well but also exercise on a daily basis. Some experts advise at least 30 minutes worth of exercise a day! It doesn’t matter where you exercise in the gym, at a friend’s house or on your treadmill at home. Accompanied with the exercise these super foods can help you shed those pounds or control your weight.


Thanks to Karl Young and Powerhouse Fitness for contributing this article.

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