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National Farmers Market Week


In the U.S. from August 7 -13 it is farmers market week. It’s a great way to put some focus on the growing trend of these local food sources. They provide mutual benefits for local farmers, consumers and the community such as the supply of fresh, in-season produce while keeping money in the city or town. It’s also a nice time to be social with like-minded folks who care about eating well and want to know where their food comes from.

Since last year, more than 1,000 markets have popped up across the U.S.  This is a 17% increase in markets available across the country.  Its so refreshing to know that the growth is due to people becoming more aware of the importance of food and having a healthy lifestyle.

If you are not sure where there is a local farmers market near you, you can visit the USDA’s national directory. Another listing for farmers markets, farms, and CSA (community supported agriculture) is provided by Local Harvest.

Please visit your farmers market this week to support them and support a healthy body, family and community.

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