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What kind of food does Lady Gaga like?


By Danielle Lee
“Raw raw mm raw raw raw”

Raw food diets may seem trendy like your favorite new pop song, but they are so much more. Learn what the hype is about.

Did you know the body does not recognize cooked food? The lack of recognition causes leukocytosis, which is where white blood cells are released into the stomach. White blood cells fight disease, kill bacteria, combat allergic reactions, destroy old and/or damaged cells, and kill invalid organisms. Eating food should not cause this sort of reaction from the body. Think of how exhausted our bodies are from not only the digestion of cooked food, but from having to release the white blood cells to attack this “invader”. However, I am very aware of how difficult it can be to go from the mainstream Western diet to a clean, raw diet. The key is that your daily diet consist of 51% raw food. If you have seen the documentary ‘Food Matters’ then you are familiar with this concept. Check out a clip from the movie below.

Now the idea of eating just salads everyday may not be appealing. There are other things you can do to add and embrace this lifestyle change. Most notably, get a juicer! This is not only an easy way to add a variety of foods to your diet, but its easier to digest also. You may be missing some of the fiber from juicing instead of eating all the fruits and vegetables, but you can still get it for other meals. Click here for some juicing recipes.

Do you need more reasons to eat less cooked food? Let’s get a bit technical; food that is cooked above 106 degrees Fahrenheit is considered cooked. Anything below that temperature is considered, to a degree, to be raw. 106 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which the enzymes that are in the food are starting to be killed off. Enzymes are responsible for every metabolic process in the body. Without these enzymes our body becomes depleted of these substances leading to many if not most diseases and ailments.

In my home, other than juicing we eat raw food products from Glaser Organic farm. I just enjoyed a Pineapple-Carrot Cake, which is vegan. The products this farm creates are available at Whole Foods, located in Miami, FL. We also enjoy eating sushi and items like steak tartare.

So if you do a bit of research for the area where you live you may be able to find some ready made raw meal items. There are also recipes available online from We Like It Raw, Living Foods, and Raw Guru.

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