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How to Decipher Produce Labels


The fact that the U.S. does not require foods with genetically modified ingredients to be labeled is a shame and a sore spot for so many people, about 90% polled, that want them identified. It’s even worse considering all of the European Union nations, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries require the mandatory labeling of these kinds of foods. So fortunate for these other countries that as a result, food manufacturers in all those countries choose to use non-genetically engineered ingredients.

However, there is at least one way to tell whether or not the produce you eat is a GMO –the sticker. Yes, those colorful stickers with random numbers actually serve a purpose and not just to annoy us and add to waste. The numbers aren’t so random and as a matter of fact they tell you how the fruit was grown. The info below it explains how to decipher the codes…daVinci style ;)

  • A 4 digit number means it was conventionally grown

If you don’t see five digits, then it’s safe to assume that the fruit is contaminated with pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers, and is grown in depleted soils. :(

  • A 5 digit number beginning with a 9 means it was grown organically.

It has been grown to the standards defined by the National Organic Standards Board. :)

  • A 5 digit number beginning with an 8 means it was genetically modified.

It means that it has been grown conventionally with poisons in depleted soil, from “frankenseeds”. SCARY

We still must continue the fight to have genetically-modified foods labeled. There are so many people that are scared of the truth about their food. So many people that believe the FDA wouldn’t let bad food pass their ‘tests’. If its in their faces then they cannot hide behind ignorance; whether their lack of knowledge is self-imposed or government imposed. In the meantime, at least you now know that some food is ‘kinda’ labeled and can share this info with people whose health you care about.

For more information about food labels check out the websites below

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