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3 Practical Environmentally Friendly Cars

With the growing problems of gasoline shortages and global warming, auto manufacturers have started listening to their clients growing demands for environmentally friendly cars. Some of the cars that are now coming onto the market are some of the best eco-friendly cars yet to be seen. As more and more people recognize America’s need to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and the desire grows to save and salvage what remains of the Earth, the demand for cars that are built with the environment in mind will grow. A few of the cars that are currently available to consumers help to do this by their unique use of gas-saving technology and electric motors.

One of the most recent cars to be developed with the environment in mind is the Smart For Two. It is without a doubt one of the smallest cars on the road in America today. However don’t let its size fool you into thinking that it will be an expensive developmental car. In fact with prices under $10,000 for this car, it is one of the most affordable green cars on the road. This car packs in enough space to comfortably fit two grown adults and a couple of bags of groceries and still perform exceptionally well on the road. With an Environmental Protection Agency gas rating of 41 miles per gallon, this car is able to attain fuel efficiencies that have only been seen in developmental cars and in some of the famous hybrids like the Toyota Prius. To put it simply, this car should not be called the Smart For Two, but rather it should be called the Smart For All because of how fuel efficient this vehicle is.For drivers who are looking for a car that emits zero emissions, then the Nissan Motor Company has developed the perfect car. The Nissan Leaf is one of the first practical 100% battery-powered cars. This car can be fully charged and ready to roll in about 8 hours time. According to Nissan, the Leaf has an effective driving range of about 100 miles. This range however varies from about 62 miles to as much as 138 miles. While this range may not suit everyone looking for an environmentally friendly car, it is perfect for short around town commutes or for driving in a small town where one will not exceed the car’s effective driving range. With prices starting about $25,000 following a tax credit of $7,500, it is affordable for most budgets. In addition to being relatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly, this car has ample capacity for carrying 5 passengers and baggage in its 5 door hatchback design. Overall, the Nissan Leaf may well present one part of the wave of future car development in eco-friendly vehicles.When it comes to filling that longing need for speed that some drivers can’t get away from, environmentally friendly cars have been developed that certainly fit the bill. The Tesla Roadster is the eco-friendly car market’s answer to the need for a practical sports car that is environmentally friendly. With top speeds of over 120 miles per hour, this car leaves all of the other eco-friendly cars in its wake. It is capable of carrying two passengers and their cargo for a range of 220 miles on a quick three hour charge. With its sleek stylish body and convertible top, this is not your average eco-friendly automobile. The Tesla Roadster is without a doubt one of the best looking and best performing environmentally friendly cars on the road today.When the time comes to purchase an environmentally friendly car, it is a good idea to check with local dealers and governments to see what incentives may be available for purchasing an eco-friendly car. Many state and local governments along with the federal government have developed programs that offer
money for cars that are deemed to be no longer environmentally friendly. This can give a customer some money to put down on the purchase of a new eco-friendly automobile. As these programs are put into effect along with the growing supply of environmentally friendly cars from manufacturers, America will begin to lessen its dependence on foreign oil and will cut its emissions to a point where they are no longer devastating the environment and contributing to global warming.
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