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Exploring Gratitude in the Garden

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By: Brent Knoll

Some say the gateway to happiness is through gratitude. Taking time each day to reflect and acknowledge the gifts we are given, brings warmth to the heart and peace of mind, and what better place to practice this gratitude than in the garden.

I find the garden a perfect place to reflect and practice gratitude on a daily basis. For me, this manifests quite easily when Iʼm planting and harvesting my incredible edibles.  Weʼre talking super food folks! Foods like beets that clean the blood, papaya that is gentle on the stomach and is loaded with digestive enzymes and avocado with itʼs incredible soluble fiber, are all necessary staples and important for the strength of the body. With each seed I plant and each vegetable, herb or fruit that I harvest, I remind myself how necessary this food is for my survival and how thrilled and grateful I am for the abundance of this deliciousness.

Gardens are also great places to gather with friends to share stories and laugh and laugh. When my friends come over, my outdoor space becomes alive with story telling, tasting food and plenty of giggling. We gather around the fire to express our passions and are quickly treated to a chorus of songs from the local tribe of frogs and crickets. Itʼs moments like this that fill my heart with warmth and deep gratitude for my outdoor venue.

By: Brent Knoll from Brentʼs Organic Gardens

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