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Book of the Month: The Green Book

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The Green Book

The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time.

Matters get the star treatment in The Green Book. Rogers and Kostigen address the fact that Americans endanger the balance of the ecosystem by the amount of waste we produce, the amount of water we use, and the amount of energy we consume, and celebrities, including Robert Redford, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston, Faith Hill, and Dale Earnhardt Jr., contribute observations and suggestions for living green. In the hope that the glamour of the A-list will make discussion of environmental challenges more palpable, Rogers and Kostigen establish 12 aspects of our habitat, such as home, work, and school, and suggest better lifestyle choices in each arena. Small adjustments in the way we consume and dispose of resources add up to significant and positive environmental effects. Illustrating the results of green actions with descriptive rather than numerical analyses, Rogers and Kostigen write, for example, that if everyone in the U.S. used one less paper napkin per day, in a year’s time we would have saved one billion pounds of landfill waste. An outstanding resource, The Green Book offers hope and practical suggestions. Crossland, Pamela

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