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How to Avoid a Hangover


Having an ‘adult’ drink from time to time is fun. It loosens you up and your inhibitions diminish. It definitely helps with the social scene, as a matter of fact, it’s pretty tough to avoid when it comes to social settings. However, it’s a fine line between a couple of drinks and a hangover. The word just gives me shivers and flashbacks of wasted days in my youth spent praying to the porcelain god. Below are some very helpful tips to keep you hangover free, and remember a happy hour as just happy and not ‘a bad idea’.
1) EAT... Read More

6 Ways to Detox Through Your Skin


One of the major selling points of detoxifying your body is the promise of beautiful, glowing skin. This is why it can be pretty discouraging when instead of being delivered a smooth and flawless complexion, you get pimples, blackheads and other weird and wonderful skin blemishes. Kinda defeats the purpose, right? Well, no actually. As gross as the unwanted blemishes are, they are a natural part of the detoxifying process. Our skin is a major detoxifying organ. A lot of the crap that we have poured into our bodies over the years will be excreted through the pores of... Read More

Oprah Winfrey, Wise Words from a Pioneer


It’s not easy to choose only a few words of wisdom from Oprah. A marvel of a person, Miss Winfrey, has shown us just how much can be accomplished with a dream and a passionate work ethic…you can be one of the richest, most powerful and generous people on the Earth.

Oprah’s honesty with her audience about her weight challenges brought about a realization of true health.
“Getting my lifelong weight struggle under control has come from a process of treating myself as well as I treat others in every way. I've learned that you can't eat junk and expect to... Read More

The Connection between Nutrition and Brain Health


A study that looked at biomarkers in the blood to correlate vitamins and brain function found very clear links between nutrition and brain health.
A new study goes deeper in understanding the connection between good nutrition and a healthy brain. Previous studies have linked individual vitamin deficiencies to cognitive decline. But new research looks at a wider range of vitamins, and even better, it uses biomarkers in the blood to correlate vitamins with brain health, both good and bad.

Many studies exploring the relationship between nutrition and cognitive health rely on people's personal reports of their diets -- a notoriously unreliable... Read More

Jessica Alba IS Honest


The actress helps create a line of family safe products

Tired of products that only looked green on the outside, Jessica Alba got together with Christopher Gavigan, the former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, to create their own brand of honestly safe and eco-friendly products. Both founders are parents so there is a strong emphasis on clean, safe products like baby wipes, soaps and even detergents.  The diapers are naturally biodegradable, pure plant-based, and even come in fun designs and colors. She is a pretty stylish celebrity, I'm sure she wants her baby to rock some cute diapers.

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