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At a Glance, What the Average American Eats in a Year


How much meat do you think the average American man or woman eats in a year? Well, the great news is that we are consuming more fruits and vegetables than meats. The not so great news is that we are gobbling up a ton (well, actually about a quarter of a ton) of dairy products. That can definitely increase our cholesterol. Check out the graphic below and see how much all that soda and french fries add up to!

Thanks to Visual Economics and MindBodyGreen for the graphic

How to Avoid a Hangover


Having an ‘adult’ drink from time to time is fun. It loosens you up and your inhibitions diminish. It definitely helps with the social scene, as a matter of fact, it’s pretty tough to avoid when it comes to social settings. However, it’s a fine line between a couple of drinks and a hangover. The word just gives me shivers and flashbacks of wasted days in my youth spent praying to the porcelain god. Below are some very helpful tips to keep you hangover free, and remember a happy hour as just happy and not ‘a bad idea’.
1) EAT... Read More

The Connection between Nutrition and Brain Health


A study that looked at biomarkers in the blood to correlate vitamins and brain function found very clear links between nutrition and brain health.
A new study goes deeper in understanding the connection between good nutrition and a healthy brain. Previous studies have linked individual vitamin deficiencies to cognitive decline. But new research looks at a wider range of vitamins, and even better, it uses biomarkers in the blood to correlate vitamins with brain health, both good and bad.

Many studies exploring the relationship between nutrition and cognitive health rely on people's personal reports of their diets -- a notoriously unreliable... Read More

An Ode to Monsanto


Its not a love song...more like a 'you dirty dog, how could you do me so wrong' kinda song. There's also lyrics  so you can learn it and preach it. One of my favs is "How come this burger will never rot? - If another animal won't eat it, you should not!"

Enjoy and share :)

ACOG’s ‘Green’ Days of the Week


With the help of letter-play and a very smart 6 yr. old, we came up with a daily green focus for the week. It's been a  hit with our fans and we hope it continues and spreads.

Sundays are ‘Sunday Funday’, though, occasionally we do refer to this day of rest for many as ‘Soulful Sundays’.  The idea with Sunday is to really absorb the opportunity of the day in rest or laughter. Take some time to enjoy a day that makes you of think of the sun, which makes you think of a bright light, warmth and energy.

Mondays... Read More

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