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Win $50 worth of green gifts….

Win these Green Gifts

A Cup of Green is giving away $50 worth of Green Gifts to one lucky fan to use for themselves or to give as a gift to a planet friendly friend or family member.

The Eco-Logical Ribbon Gift Collection is..

The gift that keeps on giving, because the items inside are designed to help preserve the planet for generations to come. All of the eco-sensitive gifts reduce our carbon footprint in some way and they come from brands like Pollenex®, Sprout®, Cuisinart®, Titleist®, Bissell®, and LEGACY OF CLEAN™. View the items in the Eco-Logical Gift Collection here.


To win our $50 Green Ribbon giveaway you can do... Read More

Aussan Natural, a fresh clean


In March, ACOG went to the MIA Green Conference and a booth that stood out was Aussan Natural™ . We enjoyed a great conversation with them and the door was left open on both sides to collaborate. Since then, Aussan Natural™ sent over a box of goodies, items we requested, for us to review. Angie, Gavin, Shante (of Sports.Peace.Love) and I got dirty and then clean. Here’s what we thought….

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wash: It is pretty light and has a very mild taste. I have been washing everything from our strawberries to our lettuce... Read More

Animal love – keep your pets free from fleas and ticks the safe and healthy way

pup and kitten

By Danielle Lee

In recent years, the trend of pet care has grown significantly.  You see people taking their dogs and even cats on strolls, in pet strollers.  Some pets even have designer clothes.  For some people it may be ridiculous, but for those who love their pets this is just a means of showing their appreciation to an animal who happens to bring joy to their life.

Protection from ticks or fleas is a top priority for a lot of pet owners, whether you dress Fido up in costumes for Halloween or not.  It’s important to take into consideration that... Read More