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FITNESS FRIDAY: Hula Hoop into Hotness


by Danielle Renee Lee

Mostly recognized as a fun toy, the hula hoop, now 50 years old, can also be thought of as exercise equipment. "The hoop can teach you to move more freely and creatively—most of us don't have a lot of opportunities to throw our hips around like that in everyday life," says San Francisco hoop instructor Christabel Zamor, author of the new book Hooping! A Revolutionary Fitness Program.

The initial appeal of hooping is that it's fun! The lasting value is that it works. Great for a core-tightening workout and it doesn’t feel like exercise.

Here are the basics... Read More

FITNESS FRIDAY: Cool off and get your workout!

pool workout

FITNESS FRIDAYS is provided by: Sports.Peace.Love
The record breaking temperatures and nation-wide heat waves are enough to stiffle anyone's workout regimen. You can still get fit, be cool, and have fun with pool workouts. Pool workouts are a great way to combine your time with family and friends and without missing a workout. Water is one of the best fitness tools: It provides resistance, which strengthens muscles and boosts cardio intensity. It also supports some of your weight, making workouts easier on joints and reducing injury. This pool workout from Gaby Reece, is a great way to get started. So jump... Read More

The Oxygen Paradox


 by Danielle Renee Lee

Oh yes friends…there is a paradox to oxygen; A natural contradiction that ought to be accepted and understood. So what is it and why is it?

We all know that oxygen is vital to our survival; we absolutely need it to breathe. Breathing is something that cannot be postponed; the way water can for a couple of days or food for weeks. So then how can something so necessary be so detrimental, as well?

Breathing in oxygen is harmful in that it causes the formation of free radicals in our bodies. This is a natural by-product produced from... Read More

FITNESS FRIDAYS: The Art of Breathing

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FITNESS FRIDAYS is provided by: Sports.Peace.Love

Sports.Peace.Love. is a media & activity planning company that promotes social change and the pursuit of happiness through sports, fitness, and nutrition.

FITNESS FRIDAY provides a variety of ideas, new about trending topics, and SPL tested exercises to help improve the quality and enjoyment of your workouts. Email with additional suggestions of topics to cover.

Inhale… Exhale…Inhale…Exhale…Inhale…Exhale…

The act of breathing seems pretty easy and should be second nature to us, right?.... Wrong! Often times we are breathing incorrectly during everyday activities and especially while exercising.  Proper breathing creates more efficient workouts.

How do you know when to... Read More

Are you down to Earth?


by Danielle Renee Lee

Sometimes you just need to ground yourself. What does it mean to be grounded? Am I talking about being less stressed? It is important to relax, but that’s not what I mean. When I mention grounding yourself, it means to be barefoot on the ground outside. Why? To be one with the Earth? Well you can look at it like that and as being electrically connected to the Earth.

Also known as ‘Earthing’, the concept for grounding is the following, “The Earth’s surface contains a limitless number of free electrons that are continually replenished through solar radiation... Read More

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