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National Poison Prevention Week March 20-26


By Danielle Lee

Everyday nearly 2,000 Americans go to emergency rooms to get treatment for accidental poisonings and about 80 of those people will die. Just think that’s billions of dollars a year that go to pay for the medical help that could have been prevented. More than half of all reported poison exposures involve children under the age of six. So where does this poison come from?

Most of it is from misusing or abusing prescription medications. Pain medications, such as methadone, hydrocodone, or oxycodone, were most commonly involved, followed by cocaine and heroin.  Even among children, medication poisonings are twice... Read More

Feeling Salty: Salt Therapy Sessions 1-3


by Danielle Lee

The more I learn about what it means to live a holistic lifestyle, the more I understand the simplicity of life.  Everything a human body needs for optimum health grows from or is of the Earth.  All the ‘medicines’ that can prevent us from most diseases were initially put here for us to consume.  I know it’s a bit late in the game to go back to when our Earth was more hygienically, but there are still many natural resources we have available to us.

Did you know that salt is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and a strong anti-stress element... Read More

Many learning and behavior problems begin in your grocery cart!

frustrated child 2

Did you know that the brand of ice cream, cookie, and potato chip you select could have a direct effect on the behavior, health, and ability to learn for you or your children?

Numerous studies show that certain synthetic food additives can have serious learning, behavior, and/or health effects for sensitive people.The Feingold Program (also known as the Feingold Diet) is a test to determine if certain foods or food additives are triggering particular symptoms. It is basically the way people used to eat before "hyperactivity" and "ADHD" became household words, and before asthma and chronic ear infections became so very common.

ADHD... Read More

Toddlers will have jabs for SIX diseases at once

toddler vaccine

Our children are being jabbed with vaccines all the time with out us really knowing what is in the vaccines and with out us being aware of the possible side affects.  One o the most important jobs we have as a parents is our child's safety, below is some more information on the dangers we are fighting against.
Toddlers are to be inoculated against six diseases at once in a bid to boost vaccination rates, the Government revealed yesterday.

The chief medical officer has told GPs to give the vaccines – including the MMR jab – during a single surgery visit... Read More

Supermodel skincare scandal: Gisele says sunscreen is ‘poison’


Where is the line for a celebrity to be able to say what they truly believe, without wrongly influencing the public?  A lot of women look to model Gisele Bündchen for advice on beauty.  Its true that many ingredients in leading sunscreens are poisonous. However, is it responsible to not encourage the use of natural sunscreens when making a bold statement like she has?
Many famously ageless women are proud to list sunscreen, which fights both the cosmetic and cancerous  effects of UV exposure, as part of their skincare routine. However, one of the world's most beautiful... Read More

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