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Water and the Power of Intent


Dr. Masuru Emoto has published several volumes of a work titled Messages from Water, which contain photographs of water crystals next to essays and "words of intent." Since water is the most receptive of the 4 elements, he tested its reaction to non-physical events; i.e. the “words of intent”. Below is a clip from the movie, What the Bleep do we Know, with example of some of Dr. Emoto’s work. After the scene is almost done, a man says to a woman “Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? If thoughts can do that to water, imagine what our thoughts can... Read More

The Connection between Nutrition and Brain Health


A study that looked at biomarkers in the blood to correlate vitamins and brain function found very clear links between nutrition and brain health.
A new study goes deeper in understanding the connection between good nutrition and a healthy brain. Previous studies have linked individual vitamin deficiencies to cognitive decline. But new research looks at a wider range of vitamins, and even better, it uses biomarkers in the blood to correlate vitamins with brain health, both good and bad.

Many studies exploring the relationship between nutrition and cognitive health rely on people's personal reports of their diets -- a notoriously unreliable... Read More

Jessica Alba IS Honest


The actress helps create a line of family safe products

Tired of products that only looked green on the outside, Jessica Alba got together with Christopher Gavigan, the former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, to create their own brand of honestly safe and eco-friendly products. Both founders are parents so there is a strong emphasis on clean, safe products like baby wipes, soaps and even detergents.  The diapers are naturally biodegradable, pure plant-based, and even come in fun designs and colors. She is a pretty stylish celebrity, I'm sure she wants her baby to rock some cute diapers.

We haven't... Read More

Fabric Softeners, Harsh with Chemicals


Fabric softeners are an essential when it comes to laundry. The rich, cozy aroma of a mountain breeze, spring bouquet or vanilla and lavender is the final touch on the behind the scenes chore we all endure. But what if something else is going on behind the scenes of our health, because of the ‘snuggly’ softeners?

Do you know that most fabric softeners contain a grim list of known toxins which can enter your body through the skin and by inhalation, causing a wide range of health problems? Below is a list of some of the harmful ingredients commonly found... Read More

An Ode to Monsanto


Its not a love song...more like a 'you dirty dog, how could you do me so wrong' kinda song. There's also lyrics  so you can learn it and preach it. One of my favs is "How come this burger will never rot? - If another animal won't eat it, you should not!"

Enjoy and share :)

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