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Why Essential Oils?

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by Kinko Hamilton

Who doesn’t like a smell of fresh lemons, oranges, or freshly baked chocolate cookies? Aroma stimulates limbic system, which controls heart rate, metabolism, behavior, emotion, motivation, and long-term memory.

Essential oils (EOs) are steam-distilled parts of plant such as barks, flowers, leaves, roots, stems, seeds, etc. They are consisted of only volatile aromatic molecules (because it is steam-distilled) and provide high potency and concentration. For an instance, one drop of peppermint EO is equivalent to about 28 cups of peppermint tea. Wow! So, as you figured out now, you really don’t need much to enjoy a potency of essential oils.

One of the biggest drug problems that we face is an overdose of prescription drugs (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Also, every prescription and over-the-counter (OCT) medication comes with side effects. In fact, they would not be approved to be medications if there are no side effects. Nearly 70% of Americans take at least one prescription drug daily. After all these medications are prescribed to us, are we getting healthier yet?

I started using and studying EOs during my search for a “cure” for one of my family members’ depression and schizophrenia because conventional medicines nearly put her to death. Despite my skepticism, our experience with EOs were surprisingly pleasing. Who knew EOs are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, rejuvenating cells, etc.?

EOs gave me (and many others) hope and solutions for incurable conditions, as I was able to help hundreds of people along the way. There is a place and time for medications; however, an effectiveness of EOs is scientifically proven even in various researches published in the U.S. and they offer immediate, long-lasting, and life-changing benefits with no side effects.



About the Author

kinkoKinko Hamilton, known as The Healing Sensei, guarantees the fastest recovery and specializes in anxiety/ depression. She is the founder and owner of Gracearth LLC and holds a certification of Clinical Master Aromatherapist, Orthomolecular Nutrition Advisor, and the Master/ Teacher of Reiki.

Kinko’s well-diverse knowledge, ability to find a cause of challenges, and gifted healing energy/ intuition have built her busy and highly-recognized practice. She teaches and speaks all over the country to mentor those who come to see her as a last resort. | | Cell: 702.327.9720

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