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Vaccines: What’s your choice?

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Doing some research this a.m. I saw these two headliners side by side and thought, as fortunate as we are to have the knowledge we seek at the tip of our finger tips, it is a difficult task and responsibility we now have to seek the truth and understand the facts enough to make the right choices for us and our families!

In the past we had no social media, no viral videos, and no real time public opinions with out the filtration of the powers that be.  Now that we have all that it is us, the parents that hold the responsibilities to make the “right” choices for our loved ones.

Should we eat animal products, drink the water, watch TV, etc. etc.  All these choices are important and life changing.  However, the dilemma whether to vaccinate or not does seem like one of the more important choices we have on our plate.

What are your opinions on the stories below and what are your personal opinions on the matter?


Story 1.

Australian journalist wins prestigious award for exposing flu vaccine scandal

Posted on November 28, 2011 by The Refusers


MB Comment: Natasha Bita, a journalist for The Australian has just won a Walkley Award (the Australian equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize) for an in-depth article series on the CSL Afluria flu vaccine, a shot that caused convulsions in one percent of Australian infants who received it.





Story 2.


“Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Are Selfish” Dr. Nancy

From the Today Show website:

“Study after study after study has shown that vaccines are safe, so why are so many parents still convinced it’s not right for their children?” TODAY’s Matt Lauer asked NBC Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

“An un-immunized child is a walking Typhoid Mary who can put any of those immune-compromised people in an early grave,” Snyderman said. “I personally think it is selfish not to think of that.”

Watch the Video: Dr. Nancy Says Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Are Selfish

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Have you been vaccinated?  Have you or would you vaccinate your children?


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