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Sun Exposure Reduces Pancreatic Cancer Risk


Although statistics may vary, most experts say about 95 % of people with pancreatic cancer will die from it. As one of the worst (not that any of them are 'good') cancers you can be diagnosed with, its best to be proactive and prevent it. A great way, that's free is with some good ol' sunshine.
The health benefits of vitamin D are almost becoming too numerous to count, with yet another new study presented... Read More

11 Interesting Facts About Breathing



We know we must breathe to live, but aside from that most people know few facts about the process aside from oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. Check out some very fascinating facts below to give you some more insight into what is going on when we breathe!
1. Breathing has very little to do with oxygen. Air has 21% oxygen and the body only needs 5%. It’s all about Carbon Dioxide!

2. Breathing through the... Read More

5 Yoga Poses to Do in Bed


Who says you need to leave your bedroom to practice yoga? Some days you just really don't want to. You prefer to stay in, rest up and take things slow.  And that's OK! It's lovely not to feel the pressure of having to go anywhere, to skip the noise and kerfuffle of the great wide world and take some indulgent, yet perfectly acceptable 'you time.' Today, you can keep your PJ's on and soak up the... Read More

Raw, Cannabis Juice the True Form of Medical Marijuana


This short and very informative video will give you a perspective of medical marijuana that you may have not ever thought about. Kristen Peskuski of Cannabis International shares her story of dealing with joint inflammation and an array of autoimmune conditions such as Systemic Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, at 16 years old. She was on over 40 different medications, developed steroid toxicity, and was even bed-ridden. Then she began to juice raw cannabis leaves…

The key... Read More

Exercise Spurs DNA to Improve Health-regulating Genes


Exercise truly is a vital component of good health, as was once again illustrated in a recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cell Metabolism. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and Dublin City University in Ireland found that just a few minutes of rigorous exercise is enough to spur almost immediate changes in DNA that improve the ways health-regulating genes express themselves.

For their study, the... Read More

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