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Fitness Friday: Invigorating Morning Workouts

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There is something about a morning workout that is undeniably invigorating, but for most it’s challenging to rise n’ shine to a morning workout.

Choose sweat over snooze, in the end it will give you more energy to make it through your day.  WebMD shares how morning exercise can increase weight-loss, and improve sleep, amongst other benefits. Read more

Just get up and do it! There is no need to think about how you don’t want to work out; those thoughts are irrelevant.

Pre-prepare your morning exercise equipment. Layout your clothes, load your DVD player, have your mats, weights, water and anything else that you need ready to go.  You will spend less time fumbling around you can start your workout sooner and… finish your workout sooner too! (*Tip: Have no shame if your pajamas are your workout clothes. I’ve been known to sleep in spandex shorts before.*)

Stay at home: Part of the challenge of morning workouts at the gym is getting there.  I prefer my morning workouts to be at home.  At home morning workouts cut out at least 20-30 minutes.  You can use that extra time making a healthy breakfast.

Pump some music! Enough said.

Warm-up &Cool down: When our time is limited cooling down and warming up are often forgotten.  But it is critically important to stretch in the morning before you get to work and sit all day.  Your body (esp back, and hips) will thank you for it.

Short and sweet: A morning workout does not have to be a full workout. It is simply a time to wake your body up with movement.  A 10 minute exercise is plenty to get your blood flowing.

Get into a Groove: I keep my morning workouts pretty standard.  The last thing I want in the morning is a surprise (I’ll take surprises in the afternoons/evenings).  Here are the DVDs that I absolutely love to do in the morning.  Most of these videos are all less than 21 minutes long and are legit workouts.

Marta Montenegro: MM21 Method

Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred

Biggest Loser Cardio Max

Stretch it out: Morning workouts do not have to be about sweat and weights.  Treat your body to lower impact workouts like Pilates or yoga. I use these DVDs.

Windsor Pilates

Denise Austin

Morning Yoga Routine


** TIP: Try before you buy: Use video rental services like NetFlix and Blockbuster to find the right workout DVD for you. **


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