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Fitness Friday:A Strong Booty = Healthier Body


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We pay attention to our faces because they are a main representation of ourselves.  However, let’s not forget about how we look from the back sides… our Booties! I live in Miami where it is all about the “culo” and luckily having a nice booty is also is also important in the landscape of maintaining a healthy body.  Our bodies are like machines that when they work together we can perform at our maximum capacity.  The Gluteus Maximums is one of the largest muscles in our bodies and they also support the rest of our body.

A Strong Booty = Healthier Body

  • A strong butt ensures maximal muscle efficiency and stability.  Weak gluteus muscles mean other muscles are recruited to produce certain movements.
  • The gluteus stabilizes the hip joint and, helping to keep the knee healthy. Strong gluteus muscles help control hip and thigh movement, preventing the knees from folding inward.  [Side note: This is so true because when I tore my ACL 3 years ago, the main areas of pain then and now were my hip and side butt muscle.  Ouch!]
  • Strong gluteus can improve posture, minimize the effort to walk, and help with heavy lifting.  The “butt muscles” are partly responsible for keeping us upright.
  • In addition to making our posture better, our knees function better, our hips less prone to injury and pain, and our other muscles groups work more efficiently, they also turn our bodies into fat-burning machines that enable us to burn calories even while resting.

Get That Booty!

Just like any other body part, there are several ways that you can work it out.  Stick to o ne or combine these methods.

15 minute to a better booty (by Fitness Magazine)

Brazilian Butt Lift program– I’ve never tried this but I have a friend that swears by this program and yes, she does have a great butt.

(*Sports.Peace.Love., Inc. is not affiliated with the Brazilian Butt Lift program, or Fitness Magazine.)

– Shante’

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