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Coffee Dilemma: How to Choose Which Good Cause will Get My Money


by Danielle Renee Lee

I went to the store to buy some organic, light roasted ground coffee for enemas. Yes, my beloved boyfriend and I are going to do a coffee enema. That experience will be posted soon ;)

So I found a brand, Allegro and just needed to choose a light roast. There was no need to be particular on the taste, since there are no taste-buds where the coffee is going! My decision was between a breakfast blend and a blend from Mexico. One of them had a logo noting it was Fair Trade certified and the other had a logo noting it was certified by the Rainforest Alliance. So my decision came down to which cause would my dollars support.

Fair trade is an organized social movement that aims to help producers in developing countries with market-based approach that better trading conditions and promote sustainability. It promotes trade justice and fair trade among governments, institutions, and multinational corporations. In essence, it helps developing countries compete with developed countries.

The Rainforest Alliance will allow products from a business to be certified once that business meets certain environmental and social standards. The Rainforest alliance links them up to the global marketplace where demand for sustainable goods and services is on the rise. The approach helps with the sustainability of forests, curbing climate change, protecting wildlife, alleviating poverty, and transforming business practices.

I knew about Fair trade at the time I was buying the coffee, but I could tell that I would be helping rainforests if I choose that one. Decisions, decisions….so which one did I buy? The Fair trade one…why…because the coffee was from Mexico and so is my mom!

There are so many good causes and we all feel obliged to be apart of them. How do you choose which causes to support?

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