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Aussan Natural, a fresh clean


In March, ACOG went to the MIA Green Conference and a booth that stood out was Aussan Natural™ . We enjoyed a great conversation with them and the door was left open on both sides to collaborate. Since then, Aussan Natural™ sent over a box of goodies, items we requested, for us to review. Angie, Gavin, Shante (of Sports.Peace.Love) and I got dirty and then clean. Here’s what we thought….

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wash: It is pretty light and has a very mild taste. I have been washing everything from our strawberries to our lettuce in it and though I cannot test the amount of pesticides or soil before and after usage, mentally I can say I feel more at ease knowing I am reducing the amount of unwanted substances off by produce.
Though making your own veggie wash is pretty easy just mix 5% citric or acidic solutions with pure water (e.g. 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to 1 quart of water), I find that for those of us who prefer the convenience of some things already made this is a great alternative.

The ingredients found in their veggie wash is far more than just lemon juice and water, they are all 100% natural, botanical based, and of course non-toxic. Doing some research I found that about 80% of your pesticides and soil residues’ are removed from your produce when using a veggie wash, you can also peel your produce (their are some that you cant though) and experts say peeling removes 100% of the pesticides.

All-Purpose Cleaner: The cleaner is great as a general spray wipe option. No strong smell and is pretty effective on greasy areas. I used it also for cleaning my bathroom. Its perfect for countertops. When I sprayed the tub and began to scrub the grime it was as useful as any regular store-bought item, with the exception of not having a ‘bleachy’ smell. It was so nice to not have to walk away to be able to breath. I used about the same amount of elbow-grease as I normally would, and although it may be cheesy – it felt great to know that the cleaner going down the drain was not going to add poison to the water system. The soap scum between the tiles on the wall was more difficult to remove, however.

Room Odor Eliminator: This was so delightful. My roommate sometimes smokes when I’m not at home. Usually she will mask the stench with incense…which can be heavy. We used the room odor eliminator and it was great at neutralizing the areas in our home that were affected by the smoke. I love the combination of the eucalyptus, vanilla bean and peppermint oil. I was almost expecting an oily smell before using this, because I know that Aussan Natural™ uses a lot of natural oils, but that was not the case. I thought it was great. I would definitely recommend this because I know how tempting it can be to reach for something to cover up a smell or enrich a room with a delicate scent. Way safer than Febreeze too!

Oven & BBQ Grill Cleaner: Definite grease fighter. I used it on top of our stove, which had a nice film of greasy not-so-goodness and it came off without a hitch. I opened our oven, also known as the Temple of Doom, and began cleaning in there. I’m pretty sure that was the first time I’ve ever cleaned an oven, actually. It was way easier than expected. The degreasing abilities of the Aussan cleaner were as good, and safer than one available at a store. It took some work towards the end to get the oven as clean as possible, but it was easier than expected. No need to evacuate either due to overwhelming air toxins.

Cat Odor Eliminator: The cats they seemed unbothered by it. Normally they stay away from all strong odors, but they seemed quite happy to go back on their kitty tower right after it was sprayed.

I also used it around the baby kittens (one of our cats had kittens) on their bed area and the same thing there was no more kitty smell but the cat were happy to go back to their beds or cat towers right after. Which gives me great ease that the solutions used are friendly enough even for their delicate noses :)

Car Wash Concentrate: Overall it wasn’t bad, when I used it in the first car I found myself using a lot of the product to try and create lots of suds as I was worried it wasn’t going to do the job but it actually turned out to be great and even gave the car a good clean finish and a coating of shine with a little buffing comparable to any reputable cleaning product I’ve used previously.

When I cleaned the second car I used a normal amount and got the same results. Maybe psychologically I need to have that thick foam to feel like the car is getting cleaned but even the next day the cars are still squeaky clean after a humid night.

I’ve used most of the industrial and individual car cleaning products on the market and this measures up to it plus it didn’t ruin my hands after a couple of hours of work like many of the products do.

Shoe Odor Eliminator
Shoe deodorizer has never been my thing, but maybe it should have been. In high school, my mom and stepdad made me leave my volleyball shoes and kneepads outside on the back porch. College volleyball wasn’t much better either. I wouldn’t say that I have a foot odor issue, but I work out a lot, I am guilty of wearing sneakers without socks sometimes, and casual flats without stockings all of the time, so I definitely had use for the 100% natural Aussan Natural™ Shoe Odor Eliminator and was excited to try it out.

How do you test a shoe odorizing spray?

First things first, what is this stuff made out of? According to the label, the first four out of eight ingredients are: Purified Water, Eucalyptus Oil, Vanilla Bean Oil, and Peppermint Oil. I sprayed a few pumps into the air and stuck my nose in it and the combination of these oils create pure and relaxing smell, a nice surprise for a shoe deodorizer.

Next was the sniff test. Gross… I wasn’t excited about sniffing my workout shoes before I sprayed them down, but in order to test the effectiveness of Aussan Natural™ Shoe Odor Eliminator, I had to know what the starting point was. After a couple of weeks I did notice that my shoes smelled better. The Aussan Natural™ Shoe Odor Eliminator passed the ultimate test when I forgot my gym shoes in my car for two days, (after I worked out without socks).

What I like about the Aussan Natural™ Shoe Odor Eliminator is that it diffuses in a nice refreshing mist and the scent is light and airy, but does the job. I’ve also sprayed it in my car on the carpet and around my apartment in the air for a quick fix (Aussan also carries a line of floor and air freshener products). I like it.

Aussan gets bonus points for their website which highlights cleaning products for the home, baby, pets, sports, auto, and marine. It also very clearly informs and educates the consumer of its products ingredients and benefits. My favorite part of the website is the “Did You Know” trivia facts for each item, which include:

Did You Know:
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. Among the list of culprits: synthetic air fresheners.

Did You Know:
40% of U.S. rivers are too polluted for aquatic life to survive. –

Did You Know:
When people use air fresheners, the phthalates are released into the air where they may be inhaled or may land on the skin and be absorbed. Once these chemicals enter the bloodstream, they can alter hormone levels and cause other problems. – Natural Resources Defense Council

If you are interesting in checking out or purchasing from the variety of products available by Aussan Natural™ go to their site!

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