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ACOG’s ‘Green’ Days of the Week

With the help of letter-play and a very smart 6 yr. old, we came up with a daily green focus for the week. It’s been a  hit with our fans and we hope it continues and spreads.

Sundays are ‘Sunday Funday’,
though, occasionally we do refer to this day of rest for many as ‘Soulful Sundays’.  The idea with Sunday is to really absorb the opportunity of the day in rest or laughter. Take some time to enjoy a day that makes you of think of the sun, which makes you think of a bright light, warmth and energy.

Mondays are ‘Meatless Monday’, an international effort aimed at reducing the world’s consumption of meat for at least one day a week. The reasons include healthy lifestyle and preserving the environment. For more info check out

Tuesdays are ‘Electric Tuesday’, which is meant to put attention on the different sources of energy that are available to us in order to have electricity; Sources that are renewable and clean and don’t provide reasons to have wars. Energy that is as available as the elements.

Wednesdays are ‘Water Wednesday’, a reminder of the element that we are 70% comprised of. It’s a reminder to consume plenty of it for health and appreciate it, as so many people do not have easy access to it.

Thursdays are ‘Less-Trash Thursday’, a day to emphasis conservation with resources and promote recycling. On ‘Less-Trash Thursday’ we hope you remember to pick up litter, whether its yours or not, and help keep the environment beautiful.

Fridays are ‘Fitness Friday’, a day to inspire exercise, body-movement, physical action and keep hearts pumping! We were meant to use our bodies. It can be tough to find time or inspiration with the conveniences of our lives, so we at least one day a week you ‘move it, move it’.

Saturdays are ‘Sunshine Saturday, a perfect day to go outside. Hopefully sunshine is available to on this day, you may be surprised to learn how important vitamin D is for your health.  And even if its not a sunny Saturday, go outside,  get some fresh air and ‘ground’ yourself in the Earth a bit.

If you don’t already know, we are all about sharing, so if you have any suggestions for any additional daily green theme we are all ears!


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