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11 Interesting Facts About Breathing



We know we must breathe to live, but aside from that most people know few facts about the process aside from oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. Check out some very fascinating facts below to give you some more insight into what is going on when we breathe!

1. Breathing has very little to do with oxygen. Air has 21% oxygen and the body only needs 5%. It’s all about Carbon Dioxide!

2. Breathing through the mouth can, over time, create a shrinking of the jaw – hence resulting in crooked teeth (or a relapse after having your braces removed).

3. Breathing through the mouth is the biggest cause for children developing a lisp when they talk.

4. Getting up during the night to urinate is most likely due to breathing with the mouth open. Breathing through the mouth causes the bladder to shrink, making one feel as though they need to head to the bathroom pronto!

5. The more you breathe (hyperventilation) the hungrier you will be and the more acidic the body will become.

6. You should only ever exercise to the intensity that you can keep your mouth closed.

7. We naturally change sides in our sleep approximately every 30 minutes, and this is mostly due to the balancing of the breath through each of the nostrils.

8. The nose has a 4 stage filtration system. By breathing into the mouth you go straight to stage 4. This easily results in sore throats, tonsillitis, and even ear infections.

9. Asthma is often hereditary, and if you’re born with it, you will have it for life – however, through a breathing program and a change in external factors you can potentially be inhaler and steroid free for the remainder of your life!

10. Inhaling through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth messes with the balance of CO2 in the body. This results in a loss of CO2. Holding the breath can increase CO2, which will help to re-balance the PH level.

11. If the lungs were open flat they would cover the size of a tennis court!


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