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(for schools, community centers, and camps)

Let your children connect with the earth and gain a new appreciation
for their food.  Our Edible Garden Workshops for kids will do just that. Here are some of the benefits for participating children and schools.

  • Understand how vegetables and fruits are grown
  • Learn where fruits and vegetables come from
  • Explore the different smells, textures, and colors of the different herbs, veggies, and fruits
  • We bring the workshop to them allowing them to share this experience with their friends and teachers
  • They can take their hard work home or leave it at school to nurture it and watch it grow (strengthening their sense of responsibility and self assurance)
  • Teachers can participate or watch, allowing for a safe learning environment
  • All children & schools will receive a certificate of completion and their photos electronically*
  • Schools can choose to keep the seedlingor donate them to community gardens for under privileged children
  • All children will receive a Bio-Kit created by us and Bio-Planet, containing seeds, instructions, a recipe , and some fun facts
  • Additional Fund Raising options are also available for schools, camps, community centers and sports teams!
* Only children and schools participating in the facilitated workshop will have images provided as we will not be present on the self facilitated workshops, however, we encourage you to take your pictures for your school and children.

(for schools, community centers, and camps)

Bringing you “Meet your Food”  A unique field trip to a majestic farm;
focused on educating children on where their food comes from!
Connecting your your school to a local farm for a day of discovery,
petting, and fun filled education.  Here is what you can expect
from our Day at the Farm:

  • Take children back to a time when farming was the American way and let them explore life as it use to be.
  • Children will learn where Milk comes from, how fruits and veggies are grown, and much more.
  • Most of our featured ranches also have petting zoos, and baby animals which bring out the biggest smiles.
  • Topics such as responsible farming, sustainable living, and recycling will be touched upon deepening the age of the children.
  • Children also get to take a photograph taken with a selected animal for a warm memory to bring home :)



Healthy bodies are products of a healthy living space, make yours just that!  This is fen shui for your health.  
Our planet needs more sustainable living practices and our bodies need more nourishment;
combine the both to make your home a healing home.  Here is what you will gain form our Healthy Homes Workshop:

  • 5 hours of hands on mentoring with one of our Green specialist. (the 5 hours are broken down into 3 sessions).
  • Finally understand whats in your cupboard and how it can be making you sick.
  • Understand the marketing tricks behind savvy labeling and hidden ingredients.
  • From tip to tip.  We will asses and coach you on everything covering cleaning supplies, gardening and growing your own food, to best cooking practices.
  • The 5 hours can be used concentrating in one area or by breaking it up and getting an overall living space cleanse, you choose what works best for you.
  • A follow up meeting will be included 1 moth after sessions have finished to assure your still on track.
  • Email support will also be available to you.


For more information or to get started on any of the above feel free to contact us at and one of our associates will get back to you immediately. Please let us know which program you are interested in to route you to the appropriate team member.

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