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Nature’s Top 5 Super Foods

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You will always hear about the power of nature food and the impact it can have on someone’s life. Recent trends of healthy eating have sparked a need for at least 5 fruit or veg a day. If you are someone who is keen on healthy eating super foods can provide you with that little bit extra when it comes to having your five a day.

Super foods are calorie sparse and nutrient dense meaning they contain a lot of ‘goodness’ for their weight compared to other fruit and vegetables. Super foods have a high source of essential nutrients and... Read More

Decoding Food

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FOOD; material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy.
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Ever wonder what all the terminology and verbiage behind food really means.  Below you can find common words often used in association with food.

A method of food preservation that is accomplished by removing water from the food, this inhibits the growth of microorganisms and prevents quality decay. Bacteria, yeasts, and moulds need water in the food to grow. Drying effectively prevents them from surviving in the food
Water is usually removed by evaporation (air drying, sun drying, smoking or wind... Read More

Hemp History Week May 2nd-8th


In honor of Hemp History Week, May 2-8, we have found some great facts and links to share about this sustainable and versatile crop. In case you may be put off by the relationship hemp has to marijuana, we encourage you to discover the truth about it and how it has really supported our economy and lives throughout history.
Here are some hemp facts:

• Over 20,000 modern day products can be made from hemp

• Hemp produces 4 times as much ethanol per acre as corn

• Plastics made from hemp are biodegradable

• Hemp is the #1 producer of biomass per acre... Read More

What kind of food does Lady Gaga like?


By Danielle Lee
"Raw raw mm raw raw raw"

Raw food diets may seem trendy like your favorite new pop song, but they are so much more. Learn what the hype is about.

Did you know the body does not recognize cooked food? The lack of recognition causes leukocytosis, which is where white blood cells are released into the stomach. White blood cells fight disease, kill bacteria, combat allergic reactions, destroy old and/or damaged cells, and kill invalid organisms. Eating food should not cause this sort of reaction from the body. Think of how exhausted our bodies are from not only the... Read More

Recipe of the Month: Cauliflower & Mushroom Stuffing


Cauliflower & Mushroom Stuffing by,
Mark's Daily Apple is a great website for all who are interested in a Paleo lifestyle. This site is full of science and history as well as intriguing articles and delicious recipes.  Mark even has an app that will keep you connected and informed in real time.  The below recipe is one of my favorites (published for the holidays) but, since Turkey (and its fixings) are cooked year round in our household I decided to post it now!

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"The attributes that make stuffing so popular – a mild, comforting flavor... Read More