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The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen (Infographic)


by Garrick Dee Tan
Not many people know about the negative effects that pesticides have to our bodies, particularly children. The effects on children can be devastating and these include – pediatric cancers, behavioral problems and decreased cognitive function according to the EWG. On adults, pesticides can lead to problems ranging from nausea to more serious ones like difficulty having children, endocrine disruption and cancer! (Gasp)
So it is important to take this very seriously, for me I use this guide to know when to go organic or conventional. Obviously for the Dirty Dozen, go organic. If you’re concerned about the expense then... Read More

Pesticide Precaution


by Garrick  Dee Tan

Pesticide has been a tool used by farmers to fight pesticide infestation in their crops, the question is how safe are these chemicals sprayed? A lot of debate has been going back and forth on this issue with one side saying that there is little scientific evidence that pesticides do harm to people and the other side saying that it is toxic both to people and the environment.

Some even go as far as saying that organic items are fraud since it is more expensive but have very little additional nutritional benefits compared to conventional but in... Read More

Super Dips for Super Bowl


3 Easy Organic Dips To Enjoy and Share on Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl is perhaps one of the most important snacking events of the year!  You can skip the Crock Pot full of little sausages and barbecue sauce, platters of fried chicken wings, and gelatinous tub of queso and still impress with bold, flavorful, delicious organic recipes.  Take a look at a few of our favorite easy homemade organic dip recipes that will be sure to please your crowd!  Any of the recipes can be doubled depending on the size of your winning crowd!

Touchdown Hummus


Serving 3-5

2 15.5 oz. cans... Read More

10 Tips to Beat the Veggie Rot Clock


I know the feeling and I'm sure you do, too. You have bought gorgeous, colorful fruits and veggies with the good intent to give yourself and your family some very healthy food. Then somehow, for some reason you didn't get to them in time and they've rotted.  Its nearly blasphemous, economically and health-wise.

Below are some tips to help you beat the rot clock and spend your money well.
1. Buy smaller amounts of produce more frequently.

2. Wash leafy greens before storing in the fridge.

3. Don’t wash herbs, berries, and mushrooms until usage – they will rot even faster.

4. Store fruit and vegetables separately.... Read More

Nature’s Top 5 Super Foods

Image of apples

You will always hear about the power of nature food and the impact it can have on someone’s life. Recent trends of healthy eating have sparked a need for at least 5 fruit or veg a day. If you are someone who is keen on healthy eating super foods can provide you with that little bit extra when it comes to having your five a day.

Super foods are calorie sparse and nutrient dense meaning they contain a lot of ‘goodness’ for their weight compared to other fruit and vegetables. Super foods have a high source of essential nutrients and... Read More

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