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The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen (Infographic)

by Garrick Dee Tan

Not many people know about the negative effects that pesticides have to our bodies, particularly children. The effects on children can be devastating and these include – pediatric cancers, behavioral problems and decreased cognitive function according to the EWG. On adults, pesticides can lead to problems ranging from nausea to more serious ones like difficulty having children, endocrine disruption and cancer! (Gasp)

So it is important to take this very seriously, for me I use this guide to know when to go organic or conventional. Obviously for the Dirty Dozen, go organic. If you’re concerned about the expense then check out this article at BankRate that shows you where and how to save money even with organic produce. Looking for more money saving tips? Foodbabe has 75 of them in this monster article!

If you’re into eating raw foods or juicing you’d have to be more careful because pesticides with go into your system at full strength in the absence of heat from cooking. As always, right produce selection is paramount and don’t forget wash it well even if it’s organic.





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JuicingwithGGarrick is the owner of Juicing with G where he shares recipes and experiences in his juicing journey to his readers that’ll hopefully inspire them to get fit and eat healthy through juicing and changing their lifestyle.


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