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Juicing 101

Juicing 101


Juicing has many benefits’ and can be done for many reasons.  Here are some of the top benefits one can expect.

Some things to remember when going on a juice fast:

Now that your ready, which juicer is right for you…

  • Centrifugal Juicer – Non Ejection Type  $250.00Omega Juicer
    • Centrifugal juicing machines processes the fruits and vegetables by contact with a shredder disc at high speed.  Inside there is a stainless steel basket that the juice passes through as the fiber gets collects.  The Juice then comes out through a spout into a drinking container.  These juicers typically can make up to a quart of juice before the pulp must be dumped out.  Good for one or two people.   Takes some effort to clean.

Recommended Models: Omega Juicer model 9000 or Acme Juicer model 6001

  • Centrifugal Juicer – Automatic Ejection Type: $180.00Omega 4000 Juicer
    • NORMAL FEEDING CHUTE.  This Juicer is similar to the one above but, has one great advantage the pulp is separated and pushed into a basket in the rear while the juice is pushed through the steal basket and down a shoot into your drinking container.   Pulp can accumulate and you might have to empty basket before continuing, this is easy to do and does not usually require dissemble and reassembly.  Makes enough for four people so this is a great choice for families or roommates.  These types of centrifugal machines are also much easier and faster to clean than the above.


Recommended Models: Omega 4000 Juicer

    • EXTRA LARGE FEEDING CHUTE: The only difference from the normal size chute machine is this one cuts time by eliminating the need to cut fruits and veggies into smaller pieces.  The three-inch chute allows you to feed whole fruits and veggies and even up to 3 carrots at a time.  Draw back its not great for leafy greens and the yield is significantly less than the above choices.

Recommended Models: Breville Elite or Breville 95XL or Waring Pro 450

  • Masticating Juicer $200.00Champion household or Commercial
    • A masticating juicer does just that it chews the produce to extract the juice.  Inside it has an auger with blades to efficiently grind and squeeze the juice out.  This juicer is ideal for those who wish to take their juice with them as it does not damage the produce and allows for a longer life of the yielded juice.  This is for the daily juicer or a more serious juicer.  Great yields.  The Champion juicer also has other advantages it can also make nut butters, baby food, and even desserts using fruits and veggies.

Recommended Models: Champion household or Commercial

  • Single Auger Juicer $300.00Samson Multi-Purpose juicer
    • This is one of my favorites this juicer rotes at low revolutions per minute (80 rpm).  The produce is squeezed and pressed while moving forward.  The pulp goes one way the juice another.  Low rpm juicers are great for preserving the nutrients in the juices since it uses low heat, and less friction it also will significantly less damage to the produce.  This juicer is easy to clean and can also make nut butters, baby food, desserts, and two additional tricks it can do is juice sprouts and wheatgrass!  One of the coolest things it can do is make spaghetti or linguine shapes out or some veggies and fruits :)

Recommended Models: Omega 8003, Omega 8005,  Omega 8006,  Samson Multi-Purpose, Omega VRT350HD (Vertical)

  • Twin Gear Juicer $530.00Greenstar Elite juicer
    • This machine will get you one of the highest yields as it uses dual gears.  It has an inter meshing stainless steal dual gears to squeeze and press the produce.  Its RPM are at about 200 so the nutrient value is maintained.  It also makes pasta shapes, baby food, nut butters, and can juice sprouts and wheatgrass.  This is for Raw Foodies and those who might be fighting an illness and juicing has become part of their healing.

Recommended Models: Greenstar 3000, Greenstar Elite

  • Two Step Juicer (The mother of all juicers) $2,400The Norwalk Juicer
    • This juicer is used in Cancer healing institutes and in hospitals.  This juicer goes with out saying gets the best yields, preserves the most amount of nutrients and should only be used with the highest grades of organic produce one can get access to.  This Juicer deserves its own video as no explanation can do it justice.  This juicer is the only juicer recommended by the Gerson institute click here to find out more about why they only use this juicer to heal their patients.

Recommended Models: The Norwalk Juicer

Prices on above machines are an approximate and can be found for a variation of the above prices.

There are many protocols and recommendations when it comes to juicing.  Here are the steps I followed that worked for me.  You should consult with your doctor before starting any new diet including a juicing fast.

I found what worked best for a long term juicing fast was mixing it up so a 7day split for a month.  Here are the details:

The guidelines are simple juice what ever recipes you like as you desire them, some days you may want them sweeter other days you may want them more savory.  No animal substances for the 30 days and when you start introducing them make sure they are from a clean source such as grass fed, and pastured.

Try and stick to the sweeter juices in the morning and midday, as you need energy and less fruits at night as you will want to relax and wind down, its important to get rest as your body is going through a healing process. Have fun with it get creative and make your own potions as you learn more of what flavors you like or dislike.

Here are some of our favorite recipes.

Below is a Cross Reference Chart showing what each fruit and vegetable is good for.

Enjoy and please share your journey with us.


The above information is to only be used for educational and informative purposes.  Everyone should consult their physician before starting any new eating program.




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