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Humans and Herbivores


Although we humans are omnivores, do we share more physical similarities with carnivores or  herbivores? Well according to the list below, we have more in common with our leaf eating animal friends.

  • Human teeth are blunt, similar to that of a herbivore
  • Human finger nails are blunt, making it impossible to grasp a prey, as only a carnivores claws can
  • The human face profile is straight, making it impossible to hold a prey – only an extended jaw can achieve this
  • The human intestines are long as plant food takes longer to digest than raw meat
  • Human saliva contains ptyalin, common to all herbivores, but absent in carnivore saliva
  • The stomach acid of carnivores is much stronger than that of herbivores – human stomach acid is similar to that of herbivores
  • Carnivores perspire through their paws and by panting – herbivores perspire through skin pore

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