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by Angie Aller

Ever wondered how to heal a headache or a childs torturous ear ache naturally?  Have you ever been in the middle of cooking and wished for some fresh herbs?  Do you wish your kids had more of an interest in eating a wider selection of foods and flavors?  How about eating organic foods for free?

Home gardens are springing up everywhere now-a-days even in big city high rises and in corporate offices.

According to the National Gardening Association, 37 percent of U.S. households, (about 43 million families), plan to grow vegetables, fruits, berries or herbs in 2009 (I can only imagine the stats now). In 2008 there was only 36 million families growing home gardens! (If anyone has resent stats please share).

There are many reasons why home gardens are on the rise here are the most popular:

  1. Saving money on organic foods.
  2. Involving and educating children.
  3. More knowledge and security in the quality of your food.
  4. Creating a new hobby.
  5. People want to become part of the change and feel they are doing their part.
  6. To learn more about how to grow, use, and eat different foods, herbs, and spices.

When we first started our family garden it was to teach our children, to explore and just play around.  we wanted to see what we could grow and if we were good at it.  Two years later we have a variety of herbs, some veggies, fruits, and recently we have been expanding to exotics like the dragon fruit.

Our children now know what each spice looks like and they love to run and get them form the garden, when we are cooking, it makes them feel proud and like they too are contributing to the family.  (this is an innate characteristic in children and should be nurtured and encouraged).

We also get the opportunity to share our organic goodies with our neighbors, friends and family.  We have slowly become more creative and daring, using our herbs for pestos and even drying and saving them.  We also use them for teas and baths, really the options are only limited my your imagination :)

Medicinal usages are the latest on our exploration and we have discovered there are videos, websites, and all kinds of free resources right at your finger tips.

If free is what you prefer many parks, fields, and abandoned areas have amazing things growing wild, just waiting to be adopted :)  We made our own discovery only 50 min form our house at The Fruit and Spice Park, yesterday, this park is actually dedicated to growing over 500 sub tropic spices, fruits, veggies, and herbs.  Below are some great resources for you to start your own research.  My favorite free way is planting as we eat.  If you buy organic and you eat it don’t discard the seeds dry them and plant them, its a win win situation.

We hope we have inspired you to dig in and start getting dirty.  If your already a home gardener and want to share tips or your experiences, or if your new and have questions please feel free to share with us.

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Altnature, Medicinal herbs and plants, remedies and uses with hundreds of great pictures.

Ill leave you with this inspiring video by James Wong, Growing your own Drugs!!

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