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HCG vs Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet: 19 Days Without Solid Food!


“Fasting is scary. It forces you to think about food and develop an awareness of your body. It brings the present moment to the front of your mind. The past is forgotten and the future becomes clearer. It is a pause to face all the demons we force down with distractions of work, food, alcohol, and other desires. It is the first step to freedom and peace that few actually experience.”

I wrote this to a friend who was interested in my experience, but afraid to fast. Food is such a powerful force in our society. It is at the core of our economy, one of the chambers of the heart of a good American capitalist. Food is social, a reason to come together with friends and family or to spend time with someone special. Food is a reward for a hard days work and dessert is the centerpiece of any birthday party.

Here is the summary for those with a short attention span!

1. First two days are hell, then it clears up.
2. You body will “feel” wrong due to a lack of chewing. This is normal and goes away after three days.
3. Beware of social eating situations.
4. Your other senses will increase in sensitivity.
5. Enjoy food with all your other senses, don’t deny yourself with negative thoughts.
6. Empower yourself with good thoughts.
7. Normal sleep returns and feels great
8. Start a vegetarian lifestyle.
9. Eat less food.
10. Blood test from my doctor

What most people fail to face is that food is also medicine. Most disease and discomfort in our body is related to the foods we eat. We can be addicted to the effects of sugar on the brain in the same way alcohol or opiates can fill our brains with pleasure and leave us wanting more, more, more!

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food ”
–Hippocrates 460 – 359

Even worse now is the search for the holy grail of “energy” in food and drink marketing. As if soda wasn’t bad enough for us, a new category of “perceived benefit drinks” have flooded the market with new and improved dose of poisons of caffeine and sugar with hyper active marketing, promising cures to being tired by feeding you with the same stuff that made you tired in the first place. Too much caffeine and sugar to make up for lack of sleep, eating fruits and vegetables, and exercise.

So first, when someone asks me why I do the lemonade fast I have to explain that I have been addicted to all these things. I remember times of being stressed at work and dealing with the stress by smoking, drinking, and really unknown to me at the time, going to McDonalds and feeling really “good” after eating a quarter pounder, fries, and a soda.

As I dig deeper into my addiction, I’m beginning learn about how our bodies react to certain foods that cause headaches, sluggishness, and even worse symptoms due to allergies to the inability to digest certain foods or compounds like gluten.

So I needed a baseline of feeling. How will I feel if I remove all “food” from my body for a period of time? The only way to know is to have a personal experience, so I decided to fast for the third time.

“If we doctors threw all our medicines into the sea, it would be that much better for our patients and that much worse for the fishes.”

— Oliver Wendell Holmes, M.D.

Here are the directions I followed for the Master Cleanser Lemondae Fast from Jill Ayn Schneider’s Website

The first two days are hell. I suggest starting on a Friday and keeping yourself locked up over the weekend. It takes some time to learn how to mass produce the lemonade and get used to keeping it with you and drinking it.

Jill suggests “not telling anyone about what you are doing” and she is half right. Due to the social implications of food, no one will understand. Everyone will think you are nuts, but you cannot “hide” out for two weeks and not interact with anyone.

Eventually you will have to go to dinner and face the awkward situation of not eating anything. I always asked for mint or chamomile tea to sip on during the meal and had some lemonade. I suggest coming straight out and telling everyone that you have a negative reaction to food and you are doing a test to discover what the issue is? Make it sound scientific. Feel free to use me as an excuse, “My friend Matthew suggested I try this fast to regain my energy.” After weird looks, comments of craziness and suggesting that this is completely “unhealthy” eventually the conversation moves on in a different direction. Just go through it and don’t try to hide it. That gets it over faster.

The greatest gift of the fast is awareness, awareness of your body, your senses and the fear and control food has in other people. When you jump off the food bandwagon for a couple of months, you will trigger a fear response in the people you interact with on a daily basis. They will project that fear on to you but you do not have to accept it. See that they are a mirror of you and you are a mirror of them. The fear they put on you is coming from inside of them. You do not have to do anything about it. Let it pass like a rainstorm.

Your other senses will start to get more powerful once your shut down the sense of taste. You will smell food. Good food will smell wonderful and inviting. Bad food will smell greasy and fatty. Just like a ex-smoker learns to hate the smell of smoke, you will learn to hate the smell of bad food. Good food will turn on your eating system and you will feel hungry. That is normal, drink some lemonade and I suggest enjoying the food with your other senses. Smell it deeply and see what you can pick up. Feel the food with your hands, what is the texture? Look closely at the food, what are the colors and patterns in the food.

The default reaction on the fast is to “reject” food or “deny” it. “No, I can’t have that!” is the powerful self talk that destroys diets and attempts at changing eating patterns. Don’t deny it, go into the food, through the food, and feel it. Go so deep that you see it for what it really is! Visualize all the negative qualities of the food and see it in your mind. Doritos, birthday cake, and soda are very easy to see all the acid, sugar, chemicals, and emptiness. Empty of any value to your body. When you repeat this exercise a few times, food loses its power over you.

Then I suggest writing down why you are doing the master cleanser lemonade fast? Remind yourself of the powerful benefits. You are cleaning your body. You are ending addictions to food. You are most likely losing weight, which is a welcome benefit to most people. You are in control of what goes in your mouth!

After about a week, normal sleep returns. I lay down on the pillow and just fade off to sleep. In the morning, I awake and I’m just switched on. No more grogginess, no more snooze over and over, just up. Waking up without “needing” a cup of coffee or anything else is another wonderful side effect. Now I keep in mind that if I drink coffee, it will take two days for my body to be free of it. Is there anything I need the coffee for today that I’m willing to give up two days of bliss for? With the proper costs in mind, the decision in the moment becomes much easier.

The break the fast, you start with orange juice and then move on to a homemade organic vegetable soup. My stomach shrank and it took very little food to feel full. You will have a baseline of “how much you need to eat” that you can reset to much smaller portions now. I used to think, I “need” to eat more because of any number of excuses. Now I see I do not and now I try to not push myself.

This time I even started cooking for my wife. I couldn’t taste the food, but I learned to really enjoy the experience of cooking with all my other senses. Here’s a great cookbook to get started with. So simple, anyone can make these dishes and they taste great!

This time I scheduled a physical and basic blood work from my doctor after 19 days of fasting and 10 days of eating vegetarian. I’m really curious as to the results. I’ll make a separate post about that after I talk with my doctor and compare last year to this year.

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Thanks to Matthew W. Hoelscher for sharing this blog. For more of his experiences check out

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