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Simple Steps that Actually Make a Difference for the Environment


Going green does not have to be a complete lifestyle change. If you can do it, then that’s great. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is to do something – anything. Do one thing that is Earth conscious. You know that driving your car is adding to your carbon footprint – so can you walk or ride a bike or carpool to where you need to go? Can you take the time to opt out of receiving physical junk mail and/or catalogs that you don’t use? One inconvenience to your time is a good, helpful change... Read More

Plastic State of Mind

plastic bags

It seems that the only good use nowadays of plastic grocery store bags is to recycle them into tote bags that can last and be used over and over.  Other than that, the reality of these bags is worse than we think...if we take the time to think about this topic.  I watched a great parody video, "Plastic state of mind".  Its spun from the song "New York state of mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, from the organization Green Sangha.  (Sangha is a community of Buddhist monks) The group has a campaign to push for people to rethink... Read More

I was wasting 9,490 Gallons of water a year by just flushing my toilet! Want to know your number?

money down the toilet

by Angie Aller

Just the other day my 6 yr old asked me "why do I have to flush every time I go pee, its just liquid on liquid".... I thought about it and remembered a jingle from when I was little " If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down".  Now I am sure back in the pre green days it was more about saving money and not the planet, therefore as both are highly valued in my household I wanted to research how much green we are (as a nation) really flushing down the toilet.

Here... Read More

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