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10 Reasons You’ll Be Buried Alive (Infographic)


Already an out of control epidemic, trash in America is threatening to take over.
Producing more trash than any other country in the world, America throws away more than 500 billion pounds of trash per year, with each person throwing a stunning 4.4 lbs. of trash away per day! From paper products, plastic, food scraps, and more, Americans are throwing away more trash than our country can support.

With landfills reaching capacity and some states having no additional room, the trash problem has reached a critical level.

For example, did you know that 25 million plastic bottles are thrown away every hour, and... Read More

Green Moving Tips


By Timothy Patrick

According to the U.S Census Bureau, nearly 40 million people move every year within the United States. Almost all moves, whether household or business will require quite a bit of resources. While it may be difficult to relocate your home without making any footprint at all, producing a small one is a real possibility.

Here are some tips on how to achieve an eco-friendly move.

A good start to performing an environmentally conscious move is to determine exactly what has to be moved. Go through your home and decide what can be donated, sold, or recycled. The fewer the items... Read More

WEEE Recycling for Households


Although most people understand the general concept of recycling, the majority are uncertain about all recycling procedures. Separating plastic from paper and putting them in the correct recycle bins may be the norm for some, but what do people do with waste that does not have an allocated recycle bin? When a mobile phone, computer or any electrical equipment are of no use to the owner anymore the practise is to throw out the item with no regard to recycling. In fact, when it comes to electronics, more often than not re-usable, faultless, electronic equipment is thrown out when... Read More

Cork Facts


Got Wine? Put a Cork in it! For all you wine drinkers out there, a steady increasing demographic in the U.S., the facts below are to help encourage you to stick with corked wines. They may even inspire you to have a wine party!

Cork is a natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material that is obtained through an environmentally friendly harvesting process

Trees are not cut down to harvest cork, rather the bark is hand harvested every nine years. Cork oak trees can live up to 200 years.

The cork forests extend over 6 million acres across Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco,... Read More

Unplug These 6 Gadgets and Cut Your Electricity Bill


We all know we're supposed to unplug our technological gadgets when we're not using them, and back in the days when we only had a few home electronics—a TV here, a stereo there—that wasn't so hard to do. But as our devices proliferate , this formerly simple task has become increasingly annoying. Who wants to spend an extra 10 minutes every morning stalking around the house and finding phone chargers and cable boxes to unplug like we're on some kind of weird easter egg hunt? And furthermore, would the energy savings from unplugging really be enough to make it... Read More

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