A Cup of Green


Coke and Pepsi as a Pesticide


Need another reason to stop drinking sodas? How about farmers using Coke and Pepsi as a pesticide? And it works!

The short video shows some farmers in India who claim that standard pesticides cost much more money than Coke or Pepsi, which do the job of killing insects even better. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Toronto Will Be First City To Mandate Green Roofs


On April 30th, Toronto will become the first city in North America with a bylaw that requires roofs to be green. And we're not talking about paint. A green roof, also known as a living roof, uses various hardy plants to create a barrier between the sun's rays and the tiles or shingles of the roof. The plants love the sun, and the building (and its inhabitants) enjoy more comfortable indoor temperatures as a result.

Toronto's new legislation will require all residential, commercial and institutional buildings over 2,000 square meters to have between 20 and 60 percent living roofs. While... Read More

Living Sustainably for the Average Joe (or Jane)

Green Him and Her

By: Nicole Rodgers

A sustainable lifestyle is a noble goal, and one that we should all strive for, but going green can get expensive. Not everyone has money to burn, and for the average Joe, paying the rent and putting food on the table get first priority. But living sustainably is not just about reducing your carbon footprint by using high-priced hybrid cars and solar power systems; it's also about saving you money, right now.

You Are What You Eat

Let's look at one of the most basic human needs: food. "Organic" has become quite the buzzword in recent years, but buying organic... Read More

Exploring Gratitude in the Garden

spiritual gardens

By: Brent Knoll

Some say the gateway to happiness is through gratitude. Taking time each day to reflect and acknowledge the gifts we are given, brings warmth to the heart and peace of mind, and what better place to practice this gratitude than in the garden.

I find the garden a perfect place to reflect and practice gratitude on a daily basis. For me, this manifests quite easily when Iʼm planting and harvesting my incredible edibles.  Weʼre talking super food folks! Foods like beets that clean the blood, papaya that is gentle on the stomach and is loaded with digestive enzymes and avocado with... Read More

An Organic Market in your own Back Yard

Edible gardens

By Brent Knoll

Imagine having access to an upscale organic market in your own backyard enjoying vegetables, fruits and herbs that you’ve harvested from your own garden. A daily supply of mixed greens, fresh herbs, vine-ripe tomatoes and countless veggies, at your finger-tips year-round. All you need is the intention, a little elbow grease and a space…

Letʼs start with the most important element in garden creation and that is your intention. Ask yourself, what does this garden mean to me? For instance, Is this garden meant to supplement the food needs of a family? Wanting to grow food that you know is safe and chemical... Read More

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