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Finding the Right Electric Car for Your Family

By: Marc Castro

The newest and most promising  technology available to a family is the electric car. The electric car is a battery-powered vehicle where electric motors make the vehicle travel on the road.

While there are many limitations still facing the electric car compared to the conventional internal combustion engine. For a family of four, the following are the concerns that need to be addressed in finding the right electric car for your purposes.

Range Concerns. One of the major issues with the electric car is its limited distance to travel. This is due to the limited ability of the battery... Read More

3 Practical Environmentally Friendly Cars

With the growing problems of gasoline shortages and global warming, auto manufacturers have started listening to their clients growing demands for environmentally friendly cars. Some of the cars that are now coming onto the market are some of the best eco-friendly cars yet to be seen. As more and more people recognize America's need to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and the desire grows to save and salvage what remains of the Earth, the demand for cars that are built with the environment in mind will grow. A few of the cars that are currently available to consumers... Read More

What are we waiting for?

electric cars

Electric Cars should not still be a thing of the Future!

By: Gavin Mcleavy

It’s really simple!

Battery powered cars have been made and solar energy has been around for years. Now cities with any sense of progress need to step up and take the leap of faith.

Politicians have been using it as a vote getter for years but they aren’t doing anything with it, just false promises. ITS HERE!! WHY AREN'T WE USING IT?

Some people will argue it takes too long to charge. You’ll waste more money on electricity than the gas, they won’t have enough power.

The fact is most people... Read More

You no longer need to be a CEO to have priority parking

Green Car

by Angie Aller

Remember the days when you would pull up to the office and all the good spaces were reserved for the CEO, the employee of the month, etc., well now you can have preferred parking too all you need is a hybrid.

Back in 2009, the New York Times wrote an article about preferred parking popping up in certain locations for those with hybrid vehicles, 2 years later we have all seen the signs.

One of the major reasons companies as Whole Foods, Home Depot, Office Depot and Ikea are adopting the "Parking for fuel efficient vehicles" is that they get... Read More