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What are we waiting for?

electric cars

Electric Cars should not still be a thing of the Future!


By: Gavin Mcleavy

It’s really simple!

Battery powered cars have been made and solar energy has been around for years. Now cities with any sense of progress need to step up and take the leap of faith.

Politicians have been using it as a vote getter for years but they aren’t doing anything with it, just false promises. ITS HERE!! WHY AREN’T WE USING IT?

Some people will argue it takes too long to charge. You’ll waste more money on electricity than the gas, they won’t have enough power.

The fact is most people only use their cars to go to work and back then pick up the kids, very few of us are long haul drivers. Even less need V8 pickups to take the kids to the beach at the weekend unless your kids are the size of baby elephants.

Maybe the Prius and smart car aren’t cool enough for you but the Germans at BMW have taken the former British Mini cooper and launched an Electric version in the USA. The progressive people at Canadian company Zenn cars have brought us their SNAZZY little number. The stylish TELSA Roadster is traveling well and if you’re a patriot and have to buy “U.S” Chevrolet has successfully jumped on the band wagon with the Volt. So, what are we waiting for?

The technology is there for us to leave Gas-guzzlers on the scrapheap

I recently met a visionary young lady called Jenenne Ferdinand who is the President of Trans Solar. Her company is the authorized dealer in South Florida for Solar powered Electrical charging stations from GE and Clipper Creek.

She’s pushing but many others are pushing back. The good news is that it’s just a question of time before companies like this will be leading the bandwagon and the rest of them will be desperately trying to jump on it.

All these Mayors, Senators and City Managers who want to keep their jobs need to be knocking this lady’s door down and getting these systems in place ASAP, but she is currently only getting the occasional call from the environment conscious home owner and the random do gooder from the small surrounding towns who want to try to convince some higher power in the city government to put it in the budget for next year or the year after.

My thought is that we might not need Electric cars by 2013, if anything we’ll all be investing in boats as our houses here in South Florida will be under water.

I suggest that anyone with an ounce of concern should start asking their city hall staff when the stations are going to be installed into your local Community. Telling them you want to buy a car with the “new” technology is a good idea.

If cities install these in busy urban areas a small fee can be paid to recharge cars while the public are doing the shopping or visiting clients. Cities will be directly making some revenue rather than the money going to fat cat oil tycoons and those associated with that.

In reality if we really want to we can just call up Miss Ferdinand and ask her company to install the battery packs into our home, plus many of these new cars can simply be plugged into your regular socket for recharging, you can even choose the upgraded car to charge in as little as 30 minutes.

In our home we have promised to trade one of our gas guzzlers for a battery powered version before the end of this year, I have my eye on the TELSA Roadster but I get the feeling the Mrs might have something to say about that.

If you have questions about the technology, cars and how to get a system installed into your city or home please feel free to give us a call at 954 662 4403 or

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