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I was wasting 9,490 Gallons of water a year by just flushing my toilet! Want to know your number?

money down the toilet

by Angie Aller

Just the other day my 6 yr old asked me “why do I have to flush every time I go pee, its just liquid on liquid”…. I thought about it and remembered a jingle from when I was little ” If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down”.  Now I am sure back in the pre green days it was more about saving money and not the planet, therefore as both are highly valued in my household I wanted to research how much green we are (as a nation) really flushing down the toilet.

Here are some interesting facts by several conservation associations and/or government agencies.

United States Environmental Protection Agency:
Residential toilets account for approximately 30 percent of indoor residential water use in the United States -equivalent to more than 2.1 trillion gallons of water consumed each year.
United States Environmental Protection Agency:
Over the course of your lifetime, you will likely flush the toilet nearly 140,000 times.
American Water Works Association:
Leaking toilets (even the ones you only hear at night) can lose 30 to 500 gallons per day.
United States Environmental Protection Agency:
20% of all toilets leak.
The United States Geological Survey:
Many of our toilets have a constant leak — somewhere around 22 gallons per day. This translates into about 8,000 gallons per year of wasted water, water that could be saved.


Ok ok, so I got curious and wanted to know if it’s that bad nationwide, how bad is it per household?  How much difference can I really make, right?  Well you can make a huge difference, about 6,000 to 10, 000 gallons a year difference!   There are many inexpensive devices readily available, however, this was one of the ones being showcased at  MIAGreen Expo yesterday and we are testing it out for our readers!  Below is a graph of my household blue and green wastage, ouch :(

This home toilet water wastage calculator is found right on their site.  The system is very inexpensive under $30, You’ll get a ROI within approximately one year, that’s well worth it for your green and the planets green. I will install ours this weekend and keep you posted on the installation process and success of the system.

For more information or to calculate your own wastage (I saw you clicking on the graph trying to get to the calculator) just visit their website.  If your a science geek or an avid researcher :) there are loads of facts and studies available on their site, also.

I’ll have to come up with a new toilet jingle…..

For more info visit
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