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3 Practical Environmentally Friendly Cars

With the growing problems of gasoline shortages and global warming, auto manufacturers have started listening to their clients growing demands for environmentally friendly cars. Some of the cars that are now coming onto the market are some of the best eco-friendly cars yet to be seen. As more and more people recognize America's need to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and the desire grows to save and salvage what remains of the Earth,... Read More

Living Sustainably for the Average Joe (or Jane)

Green Him and Her

By: Nicole Rodgers

A sustainable lifestyle is a noble goal, and one that we should all strive for, but going green can get expensive. Not everyone has money to burn, and for the average Joe, paying the rent and putting food on the table get first priority. But living sustainably is not just about reducing your carbon footprint by using high-priced hybrid cars and solar power systems; it's also about saving you money, right now.

You Are... Read More

Companies Making Small Changes add up to a Big Impact

Companies going green

By: Adam Bruk

There is growing pressure on companies to minimize their carbon footprint, but it isn’t as easy as you think.

It is extremely difficult for companies to change their entire manufacturing process and business model to be more environmentally friendly.

If feasible, large changes can take years to implement and can require large capital investments that may not be presently available. This doesn’t mean that a company can’t reduce their carbon footprint. There are several... Read More

A quick guide to recycling electronics and IT equipment

Recycling electrical equipment

By: Kieron Casey

For many individuals, living a green and environmentally friendly life is quite simple and straightforward. Separating plastics and paper before putting them in the recycle bin is a simple enough task and buying locally sourced organic foods is second nature. Even the greenest minded of individuals, however, may appear uncertain at what to do with IT equipment and household electronics they wish to dispense with.

The hazards of disposing with old IT equipment

Simply... Read More

3 No-Cost Steps To Reduce Your Environmental Impact


By: Jim Eagles

There are many ways of reducing your environmental impact; unfortunately, many are costly. You may want to consider the following but this article focuses on strategies that also save you money while reducing environmental impact.

Hybrid cars can be 20% more expensive than the equivalent gas-powered cars. At current gas prices, analysis suggest that lifetime (of the car) savings do not offset the initial cost premium.
Organic vegetables can be anywhere from 15% to... Read More

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