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How to Find Eco-Friendly Timber


Timber (wood) is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials that you can use for building, and manufacturing.  However, timber needs to be sourced carefully so that it prevents deforestation and loss of biodiversity.  Fortunately, there are a couple of resources available to help ensure that the timber you decide to use is responsibly produced. These resources are the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and Friends of The Earth’s Good Wood guide (FOE).

The... Read More

Stop Vampire Power from Sucking You Dry


Just as Count Dracula preys upon the innocent, Vampire Power, or the energy drawn from items like electronic devices that are plugged in but not in use, drains blood from the energy grid wasting 10 billion dollars annually in the U.S. alone. Check out the video to learn all about the money wasting.

6 tips to reduce your Vampire Power usage

Unplug your devices when not in use. It's as simple as that. Pull TV/computer/stereo/etc power... Read More

Saving Electricity in the Kitchen


Small Appliances

Cook with small appliances. Cook with your toaster oven, electric skillet and slow cooker for specialized jobs, rather than the range. Small appliances use less energy.

Run cold water for disposal. Hot water requires energy to warm the water. Cold water saves energy and solidifies grease, moving it more easily through the garbage disposal and pipes.

Refrigerators and freezers

Don’t set the temperature colder than necessary. Set the refrigerator temperature between 36° F and 42° F.... Read More

How to Deal with Energy Losses in Buildings


by Michael Turner

With the steep cost of energy tied with the need to cut our carbon footprints, building owners should think about looking into whether their properties have any energy losses. There are more sources of wasted power that can be fixed than you would first think, and in some cases it doesn’t cost the earth. Even if it does seem like a lot of money, you will see a fast return, making efficiency... Read More

1800-GOT-JUNK: Friendly to the environment and even to ‘junk’


1800-GOT-JUNK is a green company helping families and businesses get rid of junk and at the same time, they work to decrease waste. Their assurance to customers is that your junk gets recycled, donated, or disposed of responsibly. Since their start in 1989, the company has saved over 1.5 billion pounds of junk from the landfill, and counting.

At ACOG, we think of them as an ally in the ‘LESS-TRASH’, green initiative. We’ve worked with... Read More

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