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An Organic Market in your own Back Yard

Edible gardens

By Brent Knoll

Imagine having access to an upscale organic market in your own backyard enjoying vegetables, fruits and herbs that you’ve harvested from your own garden. A daily supply of mixed greens, fresh herbs, vine-ripe tomatoes and countless veggies, at your finger-tips year-round. All you need is the intention, a little elbow grease and a space…

Letʼs start with the most important element in garden creation and that is your intention. Ask yourself, what does this garden mean to me? For instance, Is this garden meant to supplement the food needs of a family? Wanting to grow food that you know is safe and chemical free? Feeling the need to take care of the Earth and provide an organic atmosphere for all the beings that inhabit her? Be clear of your intention first and the process will go much smoother.

To me, thereʼs nothing like being outdoors, indulging in my senses, listening to birds sing and connecting with Mother Earth. Iʼve been gardening most of my life and I find it to be an exhilarating workout. Turning the soil, planting the seeds and weeding, gets the heart pumping and the energy circulating. I feel alive when I’m working the garden. I firmly believe that it is this earthly connection that has brought great peace to my mind and soul, and strength to my body.

Finding the right space for your garden might require a little creativity on your part, so let the sun be your guide. Herbs, fruits and vegetables like as much full sun as possible.

Whether you simply want to bond with nature, make practical use of your outdoor space or grow your own fresh fruits, herbs and veggies, your intention is the motivating factor for this creation. Not only will your garden be a living kaleidoscope, attracting birds, butterflies and peace of mind, but youʼll become the steward of a life-sustaining paradise filled with magic.

By: Brent Knoll from Brentʼs Organic Gardens

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