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Finding the Right Electric Car for Your Family

By: Marc Castro

The newest and most promising  technology available to a family is the electric car. The electric car is a battery-powered vehicle where electric motors make the vehicle travel on the road.

While there are many limitations still facing the electric car compared to the conventional internal combustion engine. For a family of four, the following are the concerns that need to be addressed in finding the right electric car for your purposes.

Range Concerns. One of the major issues with the electric car is its limited distance to travel. This is due to the limited ability of the battery to retain electrical energy. The way to avoid this is to have a fully charged electric battery in storage, but this would increase the overall weight of the vehicle. For a family, it would be best to plan the travel ahead to determine the best and shortest possible route for the electric car to use to maximize the available battery power in the electric car.

Space Concerns. Because of the bulkiness of the electric battery in electric cars, the space in an electric car is very limited. With a family of four, the basic vehicle would be a minivan to be able to carry all the necessary belongings in traveling as well as provide the legroom for the family. In an electric car though, space means weight and with increased weight means a greater demand for electrical power to move the vehicle. Thus in choosing an electric car, be sure to plan as to the things that would be carried in your electric car when you travel.

Safety Concerns. The new technologies involved in the developing electric cars utilize lightweight materials in its design. This though raises concerns about the safety and reliability, especially when the electric car is going to be the main family car. In actuality, these fears are unfounded as the new lightweight materials, despite their low weight, provides both strength and durability should the electric vehicle encounter a car crash. The design improves on current safety features in conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, allowing the vehicle owner both ease of mind and peace when using their electric car.

Cost Concerns. When raising a family, everything is a cost concern, especially when it comes to the family car. Admittedly, the current cost of an electric vehicle is well above the comparable internal combustion engine car. This though is offset by the many state and federal subsidies available when an individual purchases an electric or hybrid vehicle. Another cost benefit of the electric car is the overall lower fuel cost. Unlike a conventional internal combustion engine, an electric car’s fuel cost is the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity in the area where it is being recharged. This is a major savings for the family as fuel costs at the gasoline pump continue to rise by the day.

As can be seen, a family car needs to be flexible, durable as well as reliable for all the activities it needs to serve the family. There are current limitations though for the family concerning the electric car, such as its limited range, small space, untested safety and high expense at purchase. In the long run though, with the advancement of technology, all these concerns would be properly addressed to make the ideal family electric car for the future.

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