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Are Businesses Ready for Carbon Accounting?

If companies are people then we should hope they are all doing they’re part to keep our planet clean and healthy. Do you recycle at work? Does your company enforce it? Do you know if your company is familiar with carbon accounting? Thanks our friends at Epicor and the infographic they shared below we know that most people/companies have a lot more to learn and do.

In the face of climate change compliance and other evolving sustainability regulations, businesses are looking for ways to optimize their sustainability profile for their customers and stakeholders. There are certain types of software, such as that from Epicor that are designed to aid organizations in the effort to better track, manage, and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

The results are really quite shocking. Over half of the companies surveyed stated that they had never even heard of the term carbon accounting before never mind taken the relevant steps to implement measurement. To add further worry, 85% of businesses could not tell the level of carbon their company had consumed in each of the last 6 months.

The issue of carbon emissions is far from a new discovery. So the fact that a third of companies had no clue if they were under legal obligation to disclose the level of their emissions is problematic. Only 20% of businesses surveyed regularly monitor their carbon footprint which just goes to show that a new initiative needs to be created to force businesses to account for their actions.

Thanks to our friend Nicola Winters at Epicor for the article.

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