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10 Reasons You’ll Be Buried Alive (Infographic)

Already an out of control epidemic, trash in America is threatening to take over.

Producing more trash than any other country in the world, America throws away more than 500 billion pounds of trash per year, with each person throwing a stunning 4.4 lbs. of trash away per day! From paper products, plastic, food scraps, and more, Americans are throwing away more trash than our country can support.

With landfills reaching capacity and some states having no additional room, the trash problem has reached a critical level.

For example, did you know that 25 million plastic bottles are thrown away every hour, and it takes plastic 700 years to begin decomposing? Or that Americans use over 1 billion grocery bags each year, creating 300,000 tons of landfill waste?

Take a moment to think about areas in your life where you can create less waste and recycle more. As non-renewable resources are consumed and the earth fills with trash – this has become everyone’s problem and everyone’s responsibility.

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