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Book of the Month: Nourishing Traditions

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Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
Have you ever bought a cook book and hoped it would miraculously answer all your culinary and food questions?  Ever wondered not the calories found with-in the recipes, but the nutritional value of that meal you were making?  Ever pondered on what different vitamins and minerals are good for and why they are important to have in your recipes?  Well I sure did I would have to alter, further research and adapt all recipes I found prior to reading (yes reading) Nourishing Traditions. Consider this book an encyclopedic recipe book with pages solely dedicated to... Read More

ACOG Recommended Film: The Beautiful Truth

The Beautiful Truth

The Beautiful Truth
A controversial eye opener, this film has sparked controversy from many corners of the worlds varying from The New York Times to all kind of viewers. Though many have had mixed comments about the delivery of the film the message is a needed one and an important one.

The Beautiful Truth covers:

Alternative cancer cures by the Gerson Institute
Link between diet and disease
Dangers of the Standard American Diet (SAD)

The team at A Cup of Green had the chance to host a screening of The Beautiful Truth back in September 2009, in South Florida.  The turn out was amazing we... Read More

ACOG Recommened Film: Food Matters


The documentary, Food Matters, helps to uncover and understand the trillion dollar, global 'Sickness Industry'.  In a collection of interviews with leading nutritionists, naturopaths, scientists, M.D.'s and medical journalists you will discover the ridiculous cycle of toxic therapies and nutrient-sparse diets unsuccessfully compensating for an over-toxic and over-indulgent population.

Some highlights include vitamins vs pharmaceuticals. It's a revelation to learn that "the Journal of the American Medical Association published papers which indicated that approximately 106,000 Americans die from pharmaceutical drugs each year."  These deaths DO NOT include over-doses, misuses, unexpected side effects, or physician errors. While over the last 23... Read More

Book of the Month: The Green Book

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The Green Book
The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time.

Matters get the star treatment in The Green Book. Rogers and Kostigen address the fact that Americans endanger the balance of the ecosystem by the amount of waste we produce, the amount of water we use, and the amount of energy we consume, and celebrities, including Robert Redford, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston, Faith Hill, and Dale Earnhardt Jr., contribute observations and suggestions for living green. In the hope that the glamour of the A-list will make discussion of environmental challenges more palpable, Rogers and... Read More

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