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Seeding Actions


The future can be brighter when we're growing for giving

Seeding Actions is a program dedicated to educating the youth while giving back to the community.  Working together with schools and community leaders, the Seeding Actions program focuses on improving children’s experience with food by reconnecting them to nature through hands on edible gardening workshops and reallocating grown plants back to community gardens.

Seeding Actions focuses on creating a bond between children and their daily foods.  Creating this awareness for children is crucial when introducing a natural, healthy lifestyle, combating child obesity, and even improving behavioral issues.

The program includes exclusive biokits... Read More

The Smiling Goat Ranch Tours

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A Cup of Green and Rancho Paloma Bonilla have partnered
Bringing you "Meet your Food"  A unique field trip to a majestic farm; focused on educating children on where their food comes from!

This ranch was started by Ramon and Vivian P. Alvarez-Garcia in 2005 because of their love for horses and animals.

Throughout the years, The Garcia’s have brought many different animals to the ranch.  The majority of the horses are “Paint” horses. This is  the type of horse that combine characteristics of a spotting pattern of both light and dark colors. This is the second largest breed of horses in the United States. There are also “quarter horses”... Read More