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ACOG Recommended Film: The Beautiful Truth

The Beautiful Truth

The Beautiful Truth

A controversial eye opener, this film has sparked controversy from many corners of the worlds varying from The New York Times to all kind of viewers. Though many have had mixed comments about the delivery of the film the message is a needed one and an important one.

The Beautiful Truth covers:

Alternative cancer cures by the Gerson Institute
Link between diet and disease
Dangers of the Standard American Diet (SAD)

The team at A Cup of Green had the chance to host a screening of The Beautiful Truth back in September 2009, in South Florida.  The turn out was amazing we hosted the event with the help of some local sponsors who provided organic food and drinks and with a local CHEK Practitioner, Ruben Serrano who made himself available for Q&A’s regarding nutrition and well being.

If you or anyone you know is or has suffered with a terminal/chronic illnesses this is a must see. If you simply enjoy a good documentary with a splash of conspiracy this will also be your cup of tea.

The Beautiful Truth

After the unexpected and tragic death of his mother, 15-year old Garrett, who is an animal-loving teenager, was spiraling downward and fast… Growing up on an Alaskan animal reserve, Garrett’s father recognized his son’s interest in the dietary habits of their animals. That prompted him to assign a book written by Dr. Max Gerson, which maintains that there is a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer. Fascinated and curious, Garrett embarks on a cross-country road trip to investigate the merits of The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how the multi-billion dollar medical industry has made it their mission to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.

Running Time: 1:31 min
Distributor: Cinema Libre

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