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Open Valley Pre-School Gets its Hands Dirty…Planting their 1st Edible Organic Garden

What a great bunch of mini farmers, we had a blast and learned some great things.

Open Valley Pre-School is one of the visionary pre-schools creating a valuable experience for their little ones.  We developed a unique, fun, and explorational adventure for their children to learn how to garden the old fashioned way, the way nature intended us to, with our hands.  Our gardening workshops are one our favorite ongoing yearly projects.

Kids are naturally inquisitive and still have a certain connection to the earth many adults loose along the way.  They love to bury their hands in the dirt, they welcome the new smells form the different herbs, they highly enjoy being out side, naturally love being in motion and doing things, and most of all they cant seem to stay away from the water.  These are all great components to make the most amazing farmers ever!

We explored and planted things from carrots, to beans, to mint, to sweet peas.  Below you can enjoy some of the pictures from our gardening workshop :)

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This program is a joint venture between




Every Edible Garden Workshop greatly helps BioPlanet USA with their reforestation initiatives.  BioPlanet is a non profit 501 (c ) environmental organization focused on generating high impact actions to minimize climate change effects.

Under the same ideals of BioPlanet International, BioPlanet USA is responsible for several reforestation efforts in different countries like USA, Haiti, Mexico, and Honduras.


To book your own Edible Garden Workshop contact one of our Green Rangers at and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


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