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Book of the Month: The Paleo Solution

the paleo solution book

The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

Reading The Paleo Solution, The Original Human Diet,was informative and a blast to read!  Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist and one of
the world’s leading experts in Paleolithic nutrition.

The Paleo Solution which can be bought from Robb Wolf’s web site covers Paleolithic Nutrition, autoimmunity, and lipid metabolism.  Whether you want an enjoyable read or the nitty gritty science and research work behind the Paleo lifestyle you will find just that while reading The Paleo Solution.  In my opinion this is a well rounded book which educates on digestion, the effects of food on our bodies, and even the importance of sleep.

Robb encourages the reader to challenge him and to question him, which makes me feel comfortable as a reader rather than defensive.

Robb spends plenty of time covering what caused in his opinion a major shift in our way of eating,  Neolithic revolution (or agricultural revolution).   He specifically targets the ill affects that legumes, grains, and dairy have on on our bodies.

Some of my favorite sections are:

  • Pages 49-56  Covering Digestion/Endocrinology in his words “From your pie hole to your Hoo-Ha in 453 easy steps”
  • Pages 81-99 Where grains are taken apart from their anatomy to what it does to ours!
  • Pages 101-118 Home of the FATS!  From the chemical equation to myths to humorous facts in chewable chunks.

Fitness, seafood, poultry, organic, grass-fed meats, oils, produce, tracking your progress, monthly challenge with suggested meals, shopping, supplements, blood work and there is even a section for vegetarians.  If you are thinking of going Paleo or learning more about the Paleo lifestyle, this book is highly recommended.

Again to purchase The Paleo Solution visit Robb Wolf at you can also listen to his incredible Podcast off his website.



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