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ACOG Recommended Film: The World According to Monsanto


Let’s just say you’ve never heard of the corporation, Monsanto. You are neutral and this documentary just happened to be on. Well, prepare to be saddened and infuriated. From the perspective of someone who despises this company, the documentary just amplified my thoughts about them. It also reminded me that Monsanto has its claws in just about every area of food production that they can.

The film touches on the monopoly they have on genetically modified (GM) seeds of food crops such as corn and soybeans. Despite the uncertainty of the long-term health effects of consuming and growing GM foods, the company’s GM seeds are now widespread in much of North and South America. Even in Mexico, where generations of farmers have maintained truly natural, varieties of corn, GM seeds have been able to cross-pollinate with them and change their legacies.

As eco-activist, Vandana Shiva, explains “If they control seed, they control food it’s strategic, it’s more powerful than bombs, more powerful than guns, and it’s the best way to control the populations of the world.”

The film also reminds us of the other notorious developments of hazardous chemicals such as Agent Orange, PCBs (now banned) and the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) used in dairy cows.

The documentary includes lots of interviews from scientists, FDA and government workers who went against Monsanto and were discredited and fired. Its incredible how this company went from being a chemical start-up in the early 1900s, producing saccharin, caffeine and vanillin to a giant multinational wielding its considerable financial, political and marketing clout to influence government officials, ruthlessly sue farmers using patent laws — all the while lobbying to keep their potentially toxic products unlabelled or falsely advertised.

Now I’m mad again.

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