A Cup of Green


Danielle Renee Lee

Danielle, a Texas native, moved to Florida, in 2008, for adventure and found a greater life purpose along the way.  In response to the question, what does A Cup of Green mean to you, she whole-heartedly says “Everyone deserves true health and the means to attain that. We just want to share any and all info we have to help out our fellow humans and our Earth.”

Danielle has a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Project management.  This does not suffice the need for her to continue her education and learn about far more interesting subjects, such as health and wellness.  After becoming a distributor for the healthiest whole raw food, Mila, she began learning about how a person could prevent or cure an ailment with a proper diet and lifestyle. This was the catalyst for the sense of urgency she had to share these simple, beautiful truths with any and everyone.

She has worked and excelled in each field she has worked in professionally, including oil and gas and channel marketing, never quite satisfied with where her time was being spent.  A shared interest for holistic knowledge with Angie Aller sprouted events, gatherings, and a Facebook fan page.  The next step in A Cup of Green’s evolution brought about the official website and opportunities to experience and report on the interesting concepts our research has uncovered.

Danielle’s hope is that A Cup of Green will help sow and reap the seeds of green awareness for us all to share and benefit from.


Shalee Lindey

Shalee Lindey

Shalee Lindey has been involved in all aspects of the Internet world – from design and creative to generating business through online marketing campaigns for over twelve years. She continues to do this for her clients today, through Aller Media Group (AMG), in addition to personalized training courses and speaking engagements.

A graduate of Saint Thomas University with a Bachelors in Business Administration, is currently an Internet Marketing Specialist for Aller Media Group (AMG).

As the previous owner and Managing Director for Explosive Image, Inc. for over ten years, Mrs. Lindey worked as a designer and account coordinator in the Web World and understands this industry from both sides – the business and the creative. Proficient in a number of web programs and Internet marketing, Mrs. Lindey has been instrumental in the development and successful launch of countless website campaigns, including A Cup of Green.

Mrs. Lindey continues to advance her knowledge in the Internet industry by attending courses and trainings along with frequently consulting on individual projects. Her overall experience in web design, functionality, search engine requirements, tracking systems and management makes her highly respected in the industry.


Angie C. Aller

Angie’s background is in education and psychology.  Having lived in many countries teaching and exploring the different cultures and longevity of the different populations she became fascinated with living a healthy lifestyle.Angie Aller - ACOG Collaborator

Her career and education in health continued when she moved back home to the USA with her husband and two boys (then 2 and 6 months old).   Her eldest child immediately suffered behavioral problems, after a process of elimination she discovered the food being bought at her local supermarket was not all the packaging claimed to be.  Fascinated and outraged by the misleading information provided she began her own tireless research and education in nourishing foods and well-being.

As her knowledge of a well balanced lifestyle grew, friends and family began to ask for information and were curious on how they too could learn more. Angie decided to help create and launch A Cup of Green.

Angie was surprised to see so many collaborators and people come together for a common goal (human/planetary wellness).  Soon events were being thrown together to watch movies, share real food, and meet like-minded people.

In 2010  Angie was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells, she again buried her self in education and was determined to overcome thisdis-ease in her body.  She kept a journal about her journey in hopes to help others.  Angie is proud to say she is now well and grateful to become part of ‘the change’ and really make a difference for others.

Gavin McLeavy

Gavin grew up in the North of England on the edge of the beautiful Lake District. At the age of 20 he went to work on cruise

ships travelling the world and opening himself up to all the cultures, foods and social groups it has to offer. Along the way
he found a passion for a diverse palate ranging from bland British food to traditional French, spicy Indian, and exotic Caribbean to name a few. 

He settled in Spain and opened a Language school teaching children and business people in Madrid and Barcelona before making his move with his family to Miami 6 years later.

All his life he has had a constant connection with nature and Sports such as mountain biking, scuba diving, cliff jumping and surfing, but his favorite is Rugby which is the reason he believes he has taken up gardening more recently in life, it’s his future substitute for rolling around in mud and dirt when he decides to hang up his cleats. (Many of the ACOG team believe he should have hung them up a long time ago)

Gavin has many strings to his bow as an experienced business manager, community business networker, Emergency Medical Technician, Licensed Firefighter.

In Sports he has always been fascinated by how the body mechanics work in an athlete but when he took the Emergency Medicine course it opened his eyes to the more scientific details of what happens in the body and how nutrition affects recovery from exercise and injury as well as the long term effects such as cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems.

As all boys dream of being sports stars or firemen we at ACOG think Gavin might just be involved with us so his two boys can find a nutritional advantage on the sports field.


Cori Ridley

Cori believes that communication and shared knowledge are the most important facets of conveying environmentally

friendly practices. She has a passion for developing creative communications that enable and encourage social change
but also insuring it reaches the widest possible spread of platforms available to the public.  Cori also brings a wealth of experience in event management in Fashion,  Auto and numerous Non-Profits.

Cori’s goal is that we have been provided with one Earth and one Body so let’s encourage and educate the world to lead a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.


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