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AntiSec Hackers ‘Modify’ Monsanto Database, Warn of Future Attacks


St. Louis, MO-based Monsanto — the world’s largest seed company best known for itsgenetically modified crops and companion pesticide, the glyphosate-based Roundup — was once again the victim of hacker group Anonymous. This time, the attack comes from Anonymous’ alter ego, going by the name “AntiSec,”  publishing information from a company database.

The recent hack, while admittedly causes the company little harm, serves more as a warning from Anonymous and AntiSec, as did the July 2011 attack by Anonymous that interrupted the company’s website and released  data on approximately 2,500 individuals connected with Monsanto, including former and present employees.

Preceding the data dump on Pastebin’s website, AntiSec posted the following message, which they say comes as a result of Monsanto’s lawsuit against organic dairy farmers.

The message from AntiSec:


“In retrospect, all revolutions seem inevitable. Beforehand, all revolutions seem impossible.” -Michael McFaul

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